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Cool Tech You Might Use This Semester

Posted 05 Aug 2012 — by HarriMac
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Technology has a very useful place in education. Very useful. Teachers and professors have smart boards and these days everyone seems to be using Blackboard or a similar technology to encourage group discussions and have a repository for course materials. Every class dealing with numbers is using specific software and/or requiring super fancy calculators (which as we all know are best used for an intense game of Tetris®). Many classes are having you write papers or do some intense research for papers. So what tech might you actually get to use? What tech might get your work done and make everyone else want to be your buddy?

Multi-Tasking Your E-Services with ifttt

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Posted 11 May 2012 — by HarriMac
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We love to promote the use of multiple productivity tools. It’s pretty common to have a tool that does one thing really well or even a group of activities really well. But rarely does a single program do EVERYTHING you need done. Enter ifttt – if this then that. It’s a really cool way to link several services together.

The approach is that you have an action happening in one application (or channel as ifttt refers to them). When that happens ifttt does another action for you. An example:

Android and iPhone Apps To Get You Through The Holidays

Posted 11 Dec 2011 — by HarriMac
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Looking for a new and entertaining app? Trying to pass the time until you get back home from school? Need something to do while your computer does stuff at work? Check out these apps! All are free on the iPhone and I’ve done by best to find the equivalent or a very similar one for Android. Let’s get started shall we?


Save a Life!

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Posted 19 Jul 2011 — by HarriMac
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Every time we pick turn on the tv, open a magazine, listen to the radio, or talk to other people we are constantly reminded of many situations where other people are suffering from debilitating disease such as cancer or kidney failure or has been the victim of an accident such as a major interstate pileup. The end result can at times be influenced by the willingness of others to give of themselves in the most personal ways. The demand for marrow, blood, plasma, and organs are much higher than the supply. According to US law or simply for medical reasons, some people are prohibited from giving. I can’t donate blood because I have a blood disorder but haven’t been told no for organ donation. We won’t get into the politics of some of the other restricted groups (that could be an entirely different and very long debate), but today’s focus is on why it’s important to give and how you can do so.

8 Android and iPhone Apps To Check Out Today!

Posted 18 Jul 2011 — by HarriMac
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We all need more tools for productivity (and procrastination). These 8 apps are all available on both Android and iPhone platforms and prove to be useful for being on the move and keeping track of your business. Most don’t require signing up to use (a couple do even to test the app and we all know no one likes extra signing up or extra email).


Long overdue…20 fantastic iPhone apps for spring and summer fun!

Posted 17 May 2011 — by HarriMac
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Even though the weather right now screams more of March or April than May, your iPhone can help you keep up with whatever time of year you want it to be. Here are 20 fantastic (and almost all FREE) apps that can help you be more productive this summer or the life of the party!

More (yes MORE) free and great iPhone apps!

Posted 04 Mar 2010 — by HarriMac
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It seems like I’ve been writing a lot of iPhone app posts lately. Probably because I have been. But I’ve had plenty of time to test some really neat free ones that I think you all will like. Check ‘em out and let me know what you think!!

More Free iPhone Apps for the Holidays!!

Posted 22 Dec 2009 — by HarriMac
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Hello readers! Very sorry this academic semester kept this column from being as regular as expected. My infinite apologies. As a gift, here’s a list of more free iPhone apps that you might find increase your productivity or your relaxation in your downtime during the holidays.

Chorus – A pretty neat application I came across that works far better than the standard App Store. It works like a social networking application and you find applications based on your interests, your friends interests, or just by a regular search. When you find an app you like, Chorus lets you know what apps are similar that you might find interesting. Just like the regular App Store, it lets you search through paid and free apps and even gives you friends to start with as you build your friend base in the program.

How to Add Facebook to the Sidebar Firefox 3.5

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Posted 17 Aug 2009 — by Ellie
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Love Facebook?Add its chat to your sidebar in Fireofx 3.5.

  1. Navigate to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks. A window will open.
  2. Click on the folder where you want to place the bookmark. Now press Organize and Add New Bookmark.
  3. Name the bookmark “Facebook Chat” and paste
  4. Checkmark the box that says “Load this Bookmark in the sidebar”
  5. Close the windows.
  6. Now try to use your new bookmark. Facebook chat will now open in your sidebar.

facebook chat in sidebar

Now you can chat with your friends without having to open Facebook in a separate tab.