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Free Software Pack – 2013

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Posted 18 Aug 2013 — by HarriMac
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For several years we have provided you with recommendations for really cool software. Our annual software pack represents a solid set of programs that we think everyone should own for every day work and pleasure.  This software is good whether or not you are a student, faculty, parent or someone who is just trying get things done on a budget. Let us know in the comments how you like these and if you think we should have included something else.

How to read DRM eBooks on a different device

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Posted 17 Feb 2013 — by HarriMac
Category Soulville, Technology
Amazon Kindle Keyboard

Creative Commons License photo credit: decade city

Cool Tech You Might Use This Semester

Posted 05 Aug 2012 — by HarriMac
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Technology has a very useful place in education. Very useful. Teachers and professors have smart boards and these days everyone seems to be using Blackboard or a similar technology to encourage group discussions and have a repository for course materials. Every class dealing with numbers is using specific software and/or requiring super fancy calculators (which as we all know are best used for an intense game of Tetris®). Many classes are having you write papers or do some intense research for papers. So what tech might you actually get to use? What tech might get your work done and make everyone else want to be your buddy?

Dual Boot (and More) Your Android Phone!

Posted 16 Mar 2012 — by charleshb
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Have you rooted your Android Phone? Do you like experimenting with different ROMs? Have grown tired of the whole wipe, install, wipe, install cycle? If you answered yes to those questions, then BootManager by Init2WinItApps is just the app for you.

If you haven’t rooted your phone but want to learn how then RootzWiki is probably your best source. If you haven’t looked at any alternate ROMs my current favorites are CyanogenMod and MIUI. You can find lots more via the aforementioned RootzWiki and the XDA Android Forums..

Free software pack – 2012 edition

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Posted 10 Feb 2012 — by HarriMac
Category Back to School, Featured, Reviews, Technology

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We all need to use different types of software in our day to day whether it’s to check email or type a paper or keep track of paper references. What about organizing and editing all those photos you took last weekend? Check out our 2012 edition of free software recommendations. I recommend keeping a download of all of these on a disc so you never have to  be in search for them again!

Belarc advisor – Windows only – Ever want a complete list of ALL the software on your PC? Belarc will give you a list including install keys so you can more easily get your system back in shape if you ever need to re-image the hard disk.

My Top Android Apps for the Geeky User

Posted 01 Mar 2010 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

I love the Android platform for smartphones. Not only can I satisfy my need to be connected via Google 24-7, I can use great apps to make my life a little easier. Not in any particular order are my top Android Apps for the geeky user. Let me know in the comments what apps you like to use. I’d love to find out about new apps from fellow Android users!

First, get the awesome barcode scanner to scan the accompanying barcodes: Barcode Scanner

10 Great Android Apps for the new Android Owner

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Posted 25 Dec 2009 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

androidWe’ve covered Apple iPhone apps here quite a few times, but now Android is on the scene in a major way! I’ve gotten the Samsung Moment and I’ve been loving every moment of finding awesome free apps for it that make my life easier or are just plain fun!

Below you’ll find my handpicked list of 10 great Android apps that are a must for new Android owners. Tell me your favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

10 Things to Know about Getting Started on a Mac

Posted 10 Aug 2009 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

macbookMacs are easy to use, even for native PC users who are learning how to use a Mac for work or want to switch to a Mac from a PC.

Some people feel that Macs are more intuitive than PCs when it comes to function, but I simply feel that Macs are easy to learn if you are willing to be patient and ask questions. These are my 10 tips on how to get started on a Mac. If you have a tip, leave it in the comments!

14 Free Mac OS X Apps That Make Life Easier

Posted 03 Aug 2009 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

caffeineCaffeine prevents your display from dimming or sleeping – perfect for watching TV shows online or Netflix movies! It can be toggled on or off by simply clicking on the coffee cup in the menu bar.

AppCleaner removes all traces of programs when you uninstall them. No more worries about left over files or settings. Everything gets cleaned away when you use AppCleaner.

montage_phone_desktop_browserI can’t praise Evernote enough – it captures all types of documents – text, handwritten notes, business cards and more – and saves them across the web and a desktop client, so I can access my notes anywhere!