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Hassle Free Textbooks 101

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Posted 27 Jul 2012 — by HarriMac
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Every college student needs textbooks. Some high school students need to purchase textbooks. Grad students and professors never stop buying textbooks. So how can you manage to get these books without totally running out of money? We’ve got some suggestions that we’ve perfected over the years. Everyone buying books fits into one of four categories: I Am Never Going to Keep These Books and I Don’t Want a Hassle of Reselling, I Am Never Going to Keep These Books but I Want Some Money Back, I Am Going to Keep Some and I Don’t Want to Keep Others, and I’m Keeping Everything.

Five Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

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Posted 23 Jul 2009 — by Ellie
Category Random

In the past three months, I’ve lost 32 pounds. Amazing, huh? I lost weight because I started noticing that my quality of life was decreasing and I wanted to have a great life, not a mediocre one. I started five healthy habits and now I am feeling better than ever and enjoying life to the fullest!

Bicycle woman
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ed Yourdon

Keep track of your online resumes

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Posted 15 Mar 2009 — by Ellie
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Where have you posted your resume online? Did you forget about that old resume from in 2003? Or what about an old website?

No matter where your online resume is posted, if you can still access the email accounts associated with them, you are in luck. You can update your resume (or remove it totally).

Big Day Tomorrow
Creative Commons License photo credit: Cayusa

In my reading last week, I found 10 great tips for making your resume stand out in the deluge that recruiters and HR professionals are receiving. I want to share them with you guys, and hopefully this will make posting your resume online easier. Check these tips out, then go ahead – post your resume online. A list of sites is also included at the end of this post!

Monetize your Twitter Profile

Posted 08 Dec 2008 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

Geek GirlTwitter has become an important part of most of our lives – in 140 characters or less, we can let our friends, family and the world know where we are, what we are doing and what we are thinking!

Magpie is an option for Twitter monetization that seems to annoy a lot of Tweeps, but it is very popular with some Twitter users. Twitter account holders sign up through the Twitter API and allow Magpie to post ad tweets among their tweets. Users can set the number of Magpie tweets to be posted, and there is an option to label them with the hashtag of #magpie or other text.

Save on Holiday Shipping Costs

Posted 01 Dec 2008 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

Geek GirlWith the current state of the economy, most of us are trying to figure out how to save money, especially with the holiday season coming up.

These are a few services that you can use to get everything from FREE shipping supplies to FREE pickups and discounted shipping. If you have any suggestions, add them in the comments.

my kitchen table
Creative Commons License photo credit: benopabocs

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers free shipping supplies on its website. The postman will also deliver these supplies to you. Other supplies can be prepaid online to save you from standing in line at the post office!

Seven Ways to Keep Organized At Home

Posted 02 Oct 2008 — by HarriMac
Category Soulville

SoulvilleStaying organized is a life long task, but here are seven ways to stay organized at home and keep your sanity!

Not only will you feel better, but your home will look better – now you can invite that cutie from class over to study without wearing yourself out cleaning your home from top to bottom at the last minute!

  1. Create a Landing Pad by your front door. Choose ONE place to put things when you first get home. Then, put everything where it belongs. My landing pad is right by the front door and includes a shelf for my cell phone, iPod, backpack, etc. Now, I don’t have to spend time looking for my phone. I know where it is!

11 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Posted 08 May 2008 — by Ellie
Category Better Blogger, WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysMost people want to make money from their blogs. With WordPress, it is easy to monetize (turn into money) your blog!

Here are 11 tried and true methods to monetize your blog, according to research and personal experience.

Some bloggers have had success with selling links on their blogs – however, be aware the the Great Google does not condone selling links that pass PageRank.

Top sites for getting listed and selling your links or linking to products for sale include:

  1. Kontera ContentLink
  2. Text Link Ads
  3. BlogAds
  4. Ad Brite

When it is time to get professional help?

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Posted 14 Apr 2008 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

Geek GirlI am a self-proclaimed “Geek Girl” but even I have come to accept that some computer repairs or technical jobs just aren’t in my skill set or in my pay grade.

There are quite a few times when you should just get some professional help – no matter what the project is, because ultimately, time is money and time cannot be earned back if you lose it. It is just gone!

Hole in the Wall - the best time to get professional help is when you are installing any sort of hardware that you haven’t installed before – whether it is a flat screen TV or a hard drive in your computer.

How to Travel on a Budget

Posted 24 Mar 2008 — by HarriMac
Category Soulville

SoulvilleYou’ve got a few bucks and want to travel to somewhere that isn’t where you currently are. But you’re a college student (or otherwise broke person) and thus your few bucks are definitely not enough to fly, especially on short notice. What do you do? There are plenty of trains and buses to grab and if you get your tickets early enough (usually a week to three days), they are much cheaper than if you bought them at the counter. If you have a student advantage card, even better!