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Happy 2014!! Woot Woot!!

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Posted 12 Jan 2014 — by HarriMac
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Happy New Year everyone!! We hope that this 12th day of 2014 finds all of you having an awesome year so far. There are about 353 days left in the year so how will we spend them? We at ThePinkC know we’re up for an adventure! This random posting and barrage of fall posts might be our continued pattern this year. Life happens and we’re trying to enjoy life so we hope it works for you all to see some infrequent posting. We’re not Ellie, even though we try to keep her vision going, and we’ve had to admit this to ourselves. But we hope that you’ll enjoy the content we do have to share and will give us feedback for what you wish to see in the near future.

2013 – Tribute to Ellie

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Posted 08 Sep 2013 — by HarriMac
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Ellie, the founder of ThePinkC, passed away three years ago this week. So today we’re posting a tribute to Ellie written by her lifelong companion Boo Bear. Boo Bear is no stranger to ThePinkC or technology so we hope you enjoy!

Boo Bear, Rattle Bear and Ellie

Boo Bear, Rattle Bear and Ellie

5 Must Haves for College

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Posted 25 Aug 2013 — by HarriMac
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Whether you are new or a seasoned vet to college, there are some things you’ve got to keep up with while in school. We’ve got a list of things that can help you get through the best times of your life!

Creative Commons License photo credit: melfoody

Organ Donation Month!

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Posted 21 Apr 2013 — by HarriMac
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April is Organ Donation Month! Even though the month itself is almost over, we at ThePinkC cherish the idea of organ donation. Ellie was an organ donor and helped save the lives of several other people through her gifts. Organ donation isn’t something most people jump out of bed thinking about and it revolves around a topic most of us don’t want to think about. But organ donation doesn’t have to be morbid and it can be straightforward to make happen. Every day someone is in need of an organ and there isn’t one available. If you’re confused, scared, worried, or even over the moon about organ donation, there are a few things we think you should do.

Exercise Technology

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Posted 06 Apr 2012 — by HarriMac
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I love to exercise even if I don’t do it as much as I should. One way I’ve managed to do more of it is to set my bike up on an indoor trainer. I can catch up on emails while I ride or watch Netflix/sports or do any number of things inside the comfort of my own home (or focus big time on the ride to get maximum workout in). And when I’m done? Quick shower and back to work or relaxation. Why is this relevant to a technology blog? Because we all should move more AND because my setup has benefited from modern technology, mainly a wireless bike computer and a trainer. I tried to use a wired computer but the cable wasn’t long enough to reach the rear wheel and had seen some bad reviews about using a wireless indoors. Mine works perfectly so I’m glad I took the leap. Moving from outdoors to indoors to ride is an adjustment because you do not know how far you’ve gone without the computer so I love the computer chip makers :) The trainer I have isn’t top of the line but it does the duty and I admit I searched for the perfect prices and sales to get everything (except the bike, I had that already). Do you take advantage of something like this? What’s your setup?

Exercise for the office bound or exercise haters!

Posted 09 Mar 2012 — by HarriMac
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I’ve been used to being able to work on my tech then get up and move around or go to the gym on a whim. Now I’m in an office. For 8 hours plus lunch. It’s horrible. So I devised a set of activities I can do in my workplace that make me a little more sane until I can get home for a nice bike ride or something else active. Even if you hate exercising, these might be beneficial since any movement is better than no movement. You can do these once at a time (one per hour) or mix them up as you wish. Sometimes I do them all (which is why this shows duplicates).

What’s in your bag, HarriMac? Part 2

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Posted 17 Feb 2012 — by HarriMac
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This is a follow up to a previous series in which we clearly saw that Ellie was a minimalist and HarriMac is by comparison a pack-rat when it comes to being productive on the go! Things are still pretty much the same LOL

Items in HarriMac’s Work go bag (Timbuk2 Classic Small Messenger) –

Moleskine calendar
Moleskine squared notebook
Moleskine small notebook
Random articles HarriMac is reading
Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch
Nalgene 32 oz water bottle
iPod/iPhone travel charger
Scientific Writing Book
TI-83+ calculator
Random office supplies
160 gb iPod classic
Keys on a diamond carabiner
Wallet (don’t forget the bus pass!)

Save a Life!

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Posted 19 Jul 2011 — by HarriMac
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Every time we pick turn on the tv, open a magazine, listen to the radio, or talk to other people we are constantly reminded of many situations where other people are suffering from debilitating disease such as cancer or kidney failure or has been the victim of an accident such as a major interstate pileup. The end result can at times be influenced by the willingness of others to give of themselves in the most personal ways. The demand for marrow, blood, plasma, and organs are much higher than the supply. According to US law or simply for medical reasons, some people are prohibited from giving. I can’t donate blood because I have a blood disorder but haven’t been told no for organ donation. We won’t get into the politics of some of the other restricted groups (that could be an entirely different and very long debate), but today’s focus is on why it’s important to give and how you can do so.

Should parents use GPS Tracking devices?

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Posted 03 Mar 2010 — by Ellie
Category Technology

I’m not a parent, but I can imagine how difficult it must be to monitor your child’s whereabouts and ensure their safety when they are not with you. Should parents use GPS Tracking devices to keep up with their kids, or should they trust their teenagers to do the right thing?

Even at 10 years old, while growing up in a suburb north of Boston, Jessica Fairbanks was in and out of trouble. She had tried drinking and smoking, and had developed a habit of constantly lying to her parents. When it came time for her to get her driver’s license, Jessica’s parents were scared to death.