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Mobile Apps for Teachers and Students

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Posted 15 Sep 2013 — by HarriMac
Category Back to School

We love to play with apps and utilize them for being more productive. We also love to share what we think about them with you. Today we have about 25 apps that are perfect for students, teachers and parents to keep track of everything and help you through the school year. We’ll recap a couple we’ve covered here before (new features!) and bring in a few we haven’t covered before to bring you what we consider the best of. If you want more productivity apps or other great apps in general, feel free to go back through our archives. Enjoy!

How to read DRM eBooks on a different device

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Posted 17 Feb 2013 — by HarriMac
Category Soulville, Technology
Amazon Kindle Keyboard

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Time to Update Your Emergency Kit!

Posted 04 Nov 2012 — by HarriMac
Category Featured, Soulville, Technology

In the US, today is the first day of Daylight Savings Time. This change to and from Daylight Savings Time is great for remembering that you should not only change your clocks, but check your emergency kit and check your fire alarm/carbon monoxide detector batteries. While I’m a public health geek through and through, my emergency kit isn’t only food and flashlights. I have tech supplies too! Below I’ll cover both, but think about setting these up more as a marathon not a sprint. Trying to acquire even just the home emergency kit can cost quite a bit of money so for many of us it involves some saving and some bit by bit shopping.

Cool Tech You Might Use This Semester

Posted 05 Aug 2012 — by HarriMac
Category Back to School, Featured, Reviews, Technology

Technology has a very useful place in education. Very useful. Teachers and professors have smart boards and these days everyone seems to be using Blackboard or a similar technology to encourage group discussions and have a repository for course materials. Every class dealing with numbers is using specific software and/or requiring super fancy calculators (which as we all know are best used for an intense game of TetrisĀ®). Many classes are having you write papers or do some intense research for papers. So what tech might you actually get to use? What tech might get your work done and make everyone else want to be your buddy?

The Lenovo T420

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Posted 22 Jun 2012 — by HarriMac
Category Reviews, Soulville, Technology

A couple months ago I got a Lenovo T420 laptop. I chose it after some careful deliberations of some more mobile options and some more powerful options and debating whether I wanted to get a MacBook Pro and use some programs via Windows Parallels. Though I certainly would have been very happy with a MBP, I couldn’t transition a lot of my programs just yet so I stuck with Windows. While I still don’t understand why a larger hard drive wasn’t available (even to purchase and replace), why you couldn’t upgrade the sound option, or why USB 3.0 wasn’t available, I’ve been fairly satisfied with the selection.

Tech Fun in the Summer Sun

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Posted 20 May 2012 — by HarriMac
Category Soulville, Technology

Children and college students everywhere are getting out for the summer. Those of us working year round don’t get a break but everyone can enjoy the increased number of activities that open up in this peak season. If you’re looking for a few ideas for technology to help you out at this time of year, check our ideas below.

I'm joining the modern age.
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A Review In Time for Mother’s Day

Posted 06 May 2012 — by HarriMac
Category Featured

Chenille flowersMother’s Day is just around the corner and not everyone has gotten something super duper amazing…yet. Everything you give your mom is always super amazing since it’s from you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t require a lot of time and it only has to be good enough to keep her wondering what you’ll do next year. We put together a list of things you can do in the next week to get ready for May 13.

8 Apps To End April!

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Posted 28 Apr 2012 — by HarriMac
Category Reviews, Soulville

There are always tons of new apps coming out and apps that are new to all of us. Some of these are available on Android, all are available on iPhone. We all need new apps to keep ourselves occupied during the work day or school day and during our down time. And with a few cool holidays and travel season coming up, what better to keep ou occupied in the airport, train station or bus station? As a side note, to make the Android users happy, there is an entire new series of Android posts with info on apps, new Android software releases, and some new tech to use Android coming over the next couple months. Stay tuned and look out!

Send Us Something!!!

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Posted 14 Apr 2012 — by HarriMac
Category Featured, Random

We’re so excited it’s the middle of April already!!! We’d also love to be excited about what you send us! We’re doing a slight play on our normal send us something where you send us something via postal mail. Instead, we’d like you to take a picture of something really awesome and email it to us. We’ll compile all the submissions and write about them the first week of June so feel free to make submissions until JUNE 1, 2012.

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