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Posted 12 May 2008 in Soulville

SoulvilleSometimes you don’t have cable tv (costs too much), sometimes you are studying all night and miss your favorite shows and sometimes you have a dual ear infection and really don’t feel like doing anything but watching internet televisions cause you can’t sleep.

No matter the reason, there are plenty of options out there to watch your favorite shows or even pick up a new series or two and watch them in their entirety. These are in no particular order – I use multiple sites to find exactly what I want to watch.

HuluHulu – The latest craze in internet TV is Hulu. I signed up with it in Beta and for it being a third party site, it has the best quality. It’s got old shows (Adam 12!) and new shows (House, COPS) plus you can watch movies and sporting events (missed any bowl game last year? missed the NHL or NBA playoffs this year?). It has full episodes and brief segments of shows. The only downer sometimes is it has incomplete seasons or only season one of a long running show so you start to feen if you are really liking it.

66Stage – 66Stage pulls shows from different sites and puts them in one place for you. It had the popular DivX til those got pulled, but Veoh TV, Youku, Megavideo and Tudou are still there. Not only does the site show you the newest shows and episodes loaded but you can take your pick when it comes to watching. You can stream directly through the 66Stage website. Some of the shows are split into 2 parts, but some aren’t. Movies are available here too. Warning though – use the links on the right, not the ones in the middle. The ones in the middle are paid links for download. I stumbled upon this site after TV-Links went down (which I had used to watch the entirety of Six Feet Under).

Tv-VideoTv-Video.net – Kinda slow loading at first (I use FIOS), but clear video and full episodes of TV shows. Games are here too. Only gripe is the size of the video screen and that sometimes I get cut off (I’m watching on a wireless connection).

CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, AETV – Most stations stream some of their most popular shows as little as 24 hours after it airs on tv. Fox varies the time (House, for example, you have to wait 8 days to view but for COPS and Family Guy you don’t have to wait that long). CBS airs all the CSI episodes (Las Vegas, Miami and NY) and Numbers among others but doesn’t air popular shows like Criminal Minds and Without a Trace. No longer do I have to decide whether to watch CSI or Greys Anatomy Thursday nights – I can pick one and watch the other the next day. ABC airs Greys Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters and has a number of internet only shows that are pretty fun too. I found out about Pushing Daisies through this website (it airs on TV too) and love it. I’ve never really watched through NBC, but they do have some shows available (none of the Law and Orders though).

netflix screencapNetflix – If you have certain rate plans with Netflix you can watch movies and tv shows through their website. The quality is excellent AND it remembers where exactly you stopped so you can start back up again in the same place! It does require that you use Internet Explorer (yeah a wtf I know) and download their player, but that’s the only reason I use IE at all.

There are lots of other sites out there – TIOTI, Streamick, etc etc etc. Try them all out and see which ones you like the best.

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  1. You forgot FreeTube IPTV which has bugs like Hulu or Joost, but actually offers streaming tv compared to the others on here which seem to be just tv shows. Also TVShack