Where to Find Awesome Music on the Internet

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Posted 27 Nov 2008 in Soulville

SoulvilleWe hear about the same sites over and over for places to listen to music for free on the internet, but they usually play the same tunes over and over and aren’t always what you want to hear.

What’s better? Check these sites:

  • Jamendo has a lot of indie music and even some from known artists. Music is available to stream and for download. Hits all ranges of genres including house and techno, jazz, rap, rock, etc. One of my personal favorites for good beats.
  • Want to listen to the music from your computer on the go? nuTsie lets you do it. What about listen to playlists you create or that others have created? Totally doable. You can search by genre, by song, type of music, years, look at popular songs and playlists, look at videos, etc. It also has plugins for iPhones, Alltel Wireless, BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile phones.
  • Pandora only plays what you want to hear. If it plays an artist or genre you don’t like, tell it and it won’t play that anymore. Pretty sweet and best of all it’s free! Similar to Yahoo! Music though, it does make you show you’re there to play (it won’t just keep going). Slightly annoying but still awesome.
  • When I found SearchMe I was in heaven! Listen to music, watch videos, see images, etc. Not only can you watch popular videos but I even found old Jackie Wilson and Four Tops videos! This is a pretty awesome site and it’s very easy to navigate and find what you want.
  • HousePlanet is a huge list of different DJs and mixes, but downloadable!
  • Choose your favorite genres, mood and bam! Musicovery picks various songs that match that mood. Like what you hear? Add it to the types of things you like or find different versions of the same song(s) and listen to them too! Definitely a way to find new great artists that you may not have heard of before (mainstream).
  • YouLicense is similar to Musicovery but with a few less options. Still great!

Where do you listen to music? What’s your favorite of these sites?

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  1. These are some good suggestions. I usually listen to music on my iPod, but I checked out SearchMe.

  2. I swear by Imeem – I go there almost everyday. SpiralFrog is also very good.

  3. I tried SpiralFrog but the renewal notices to keep listening to tunes I had DL’d were a bit on the annoying side. The upside was they had a pretty extensive collection. Good suggestions!