Update your Computer’s Time!

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Posted 11 Apr 2008 in Soulville

SoulvilleAlright everybody, this one is short but sweet. Have any of you ever had your computer time be off and it completely throw you off? I tend not to look at my cell but was totally messed up tonight when L&O SVU was on and my computer clock was saying it was 9:40 (the show starts at 10). I always have problems using the update servers they include with Windows so here’s a quick fix:

1) Right click on the time and go to “Adjust Date/Time”
2) Make sure you date is the right date
3) Click on the “Internet Time” tab
4) Make sure the box to automatically sync is checked
5) In the box next to “Server” type the name of a different server. I added “tock.usno.navy.mil” and “tick.usno.navy.mil” but there are many many others out there so add as many as you want.
6) Click Update Now. That should fix the problem. If it doesn’t, read the error message that comes up and do what it says (my problem was that I also had the wrong date – way to go Microsoft)


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