Top 5 Ways to Release Your Inner Faulkner

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Posted 01 Jan 2009 in Soulville

SoulvilleWriting appeals to many people. Some people write short stories, some write novels, some write poetry, others use other forms of written word. If you’re stuck on the first few words, here are some things that can help you let the inner writer in you flow…

1. Journal – Journaling is more than just putting your words, feelings and emotions on paper. Sometimes things that you write that happen in your own life or emotions you have can spur characters or ideas for writing. It can put your more at ease, which means your brain is free and open to let the words flow.

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2. Write down the first thought that comes in your head every morning and anything you can remember from your dreams. These things can help jumpstart your writing by giving you ideas.

3. Use “jump start” sentences. Sites such as The Story Starter give you a single sentence to start a story with. Challenge yourself to write a short story or a chapter using one of these sentences as your first sentence. Do this a couple times a week and you may find some really good works starting to flow. You may even find yourself with several pieces that you can put together for a larger work. In combination with your own dreams and first thoughts, you may really find you have a lot to work with for character development or poetry plots.

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4. Join local writing classes or groups. If you write while you have deadlines or know that others are expecting to hear something, you may find yourself more apt to really put in the effort to make your writing better. Check your local newspaper or schools to see what is offered. There may be little to no cost for taking part. Often public libraries may have groups, as do many senior centers. Check them out and get to writing! If you find that you don’t like a particular group, switch – don’t just drop it completely.

5. Join online writing classes or groups. Just like the local groups, these groups can give you what you may need – support. By getting and giving critiques, you can hone your skills and see that others struggle sometimes too. Check out these free classes from universities or for ideas and help.

What helps you get started with writing? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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