The Great Peanut Butter Scare

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Posted 12 Feb 2009 in Soulville

SoulvilleRight now, most people are freaked out about eating peanut butter. STOP. Yes there is a massive recall and a huge amount of pretty much unregulated peanut butter has made people sick. But what’s on the shelf at your local grocery store hasn’t been recalled – stores are obligated to pull peanut butter that is affected by recall – and what’s in your cabinet may not be affected. Since peanut butter is one of those things that has a very very long shelf life, eating “older” peanut butter shouldn’t be an issue – I’m still munching on a jar I bought about a year ago and have a jar on my shelf that I bought over the summer. Neither are affected and are safe to eat. Check the location your peanut butter came from – if it’s from one of the plants that is under investigation or has been recalled, don’t eat it to be safe.

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The FDA has the most up to date and extensive list of products not to buy that contain peanut butter or were connected. Go here and compare your products.

Salmonella is very scary, but affects kids and older people more than teens or adults. Peanut butter isn’t the only thing that can contain salmonella – meat/poultry, eggs, vegetables, etc all have the possibility. Check an older post I wrote about safety and salmonella a while back.

What if you’re using PB as your daily lunch or snack and need something else to substitute until this all blows over? Peanut butter is a protein so there are plenty of options! Nuts, poultry and meat (try for white meat, it’s not as fatty), eggs, yogurt, milk, beans, protein bars, protein shakes, cheese, etc – all of these are great sources of protein. You can get portable cups with tops to carry any of these around. I like to carry peanuts, eggs and protein bars and shakes with me to school. I keep white meats, beans and eggs in my meal rotation. And I love milk! Try some new protein sources. Mixing them up gives you some different tastes and, who knows, you might find something else you really like!

Bottom line: Check the FDA site to see if you are affected with what’s on your shelf. Eat PB that isn’t affected. Try some different protein sources!

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