Ten More Cool and Free iPhone Apps

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Posted 06 Aug 2009 in Featured, Soulville

soulvilleI’m always finding really neat applications for my iPhone. Adding new applications makes it seem brand new every time! A few weeks ago I wrote about 15 Really Cool and Free iPhone apps and here are 10 more!

1. TweetDeck – Now my new favorite twitter application for the iPhone, Tweetdeck helps me quickly see what tweets mentioned me or my DMs without having to wade through all my tweets. Very useful if you follow quite a few folks.

2. WordPress – This is extremely helpful for posting quickly to blogs. Recently I was at a conference and needed to update to an organization’s blog and bam! it was done!


Image from http://www.urbanspoon.com

3. Urbanspoon – Those days where I can’t decide what I want to eat when I want to eat out, this can decide for me with the pretty cool random restaurant generator. It allows me to see menus, get phone numbers and even directions!

4. Epicurious – Another cookbook on the go! Similar to Betty Crocker Cookbook, this allows you to search what you’ve got and what you want to find the perfect dish to make at home. Even cooler, I can add all the ingredients of a dish to a quick to pull up grocery list!

5. Facebook – Ok, so I’m addicted to Facebook. Though it certainly doesn’t have all the functionality of the website, it at least lets me see what’s going on, read my messages and post to walls.

6. PayPal – If you are on the go and want to send or receive money quickly or want to check your account status, this is a pretty cool app. Perfect for a secure login to pay for your auctions while away from the computer or to send a friend a dollar!


Image from: http://www.imapmy.com

7. iMapMyFitness/iMapMyRide – I’m a big fan of the iMapMy sites. I regularly keep a log of my exercise there and it allows me to track my bike rides quickly with maps! On the go, you can add to your fitness calendar and check your stats. You can also time yourself and use the GPS function of the phone to add a real time map to your account. How cool!

8. Units – I’m always getting units confused (I attribute that to high school chemistry but shhh don’t tell anybody). I also tend to deal with fields that use both metric and english measuring systems so this app is great for quickly converting within a system or to a different system. Just pick what type of measurement you’re using and run for it!

9. ESPN ScoreCenter – This will prove more handy during a major sports season, but ESPN allows you to pick what teams you want to follow and get a one stop shop for scores! Only downside is that all sports aren’t included (can I get the T&F Grand Prix race times or throwers distances please??).

10. iHandyLevel – Ok, I’m lazy now. Just kidding. When I was moving recently, I needed to set my desk (with adjustable legs) up and make sure it sat correctly. So I downloaded the free iHandyLevel and voila! I had an even desk without guesswork! I also used it to make sure my marker boards and picture frames were straight. Awesome!

What are some of your favorite apps? How do you use your iPhone?

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