Seven Ways to Keep Organized At Home

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Posted 02 Oct 2008 in Soulville

SoulvilleStaying organized is a life long task, but here are seven ways to stay organized at home and keep your sanity!

Not only will you feel better, but your home will look better – now you can invite that cutie from class over to study without wearing yourself out cleaning your home from top to bottom at the last minute!

  1. Create a Landing Pad by your front door. Choose ONE place to put things when you first get home. Then, put everything where it belongs. My landing pad is right by the front door and includes a shelf for my cell phone, iPod, backpack, etc. Now, I don’t have to spend time looking for my phone. I know where it is!
  2. Pick up as you go along. Forget cleaning up once a week/month/year. If you pick up behind yourself as you go along, you’ll find that major cleaning like vacuuming and dusting is not as bad as it used to be.
  3. Sync your to-do list and calendar to your cell phone/PDA and online and offline calendars. Keeping your things to do list up to date is great, but make sure it is the same list, no matter what technology you are using to access it!
  4. Take 15 minutes a day to do a “major” cleaning duty. Not only is this good exercise, but you’ll feel better knowing your bathroom looks sparkly clean or you got the change out of the sofa cushions!
  5. When you buy something new, throw away or give away something old. The biggest challenge to staying organized is space – which is limited – and the things we buy and obtain – which can be infinite! Organizations in your community like the Salvation Army or churches will be happy to take your gently used clothes and household items.
  6. While space might be limited, you can invest in quality storage solutions that will “create” more space in your closets, drawers, under your bed, etc.
  7. Have a ‘garage sale’! Sell items you don’t use, need or want via Craigslist, local newspapers, flyers in your apartment building/neighborhood, email or even sites like Amazon or! You may not be able to sell a five year old toaster for more than $5, but at least it isn’t taking up valuable kitchen counter space!

Do you have any other methods to share? Let’s hear it in the comments!

HarriMac enjoys a well lived life with a large serving of soul. Her special feature, Welcome to Soulville, appears every Thursday.

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