Reorganize Your Bookmarks for Maximum Productivity

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Posted 31 Jul 2008 in Soulville

SoulvilleHave you ever bookmarked something in your browser only not being able to find it later using the search term but you know it’s there? Then you’re like me.

I don’t have a quick fix, but I have a way you can productively spend an hour or two, which will gain you more time in the future.

Organize your bookmarks! Of course the smart way to do this would be to organize them as you bookmark them, but I use shortcuts for bookmarking and that’s too much of a hassle :lol:.

First, create new folders in your bookmarks folder, then label them each something generic. For instance, I just created folders such as Sports, Productivity, School, Hobbies. Of course I have a zillion that can fit into each, so I also have subfolders under these folders, such as Photography, Woodworking, Cards, Movies, and Unspecified under Hobbies.

Now, move each bookmark into its proper folder. While you’re moving bookmarks, you may realize you need more folders – make them! You’ll be very happy later when you want to send someone that awesome link you found at 3 AM but didn’t email then. Or when you’re trying to find that site that is the greatest resource to the ancient world you found three years ago.

Firefox and Opera both have built-in support for bookmark tagging, as well as addons for tagging for your bookmarks, so you can easily organize and reorganize them as you see fit. Check out TagSifter (Firefox 3 only).

Want to check your newly reorganized links to make sure they are still active? Download freeware AM-DeadLink, which checks the status of every site you’ve bookmarked and will let you know if they are now dead links, making it easier to remove those or know that you need to see if they’ve moved elsewhere.

HarriMac enjoys a well lived life with a large serving of soul. Her special feature, Welcome to Soulville, appears every Thursday.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for these tips. I had to do this in the past, but I am more diligent with my bookmarks now.

    Whenever I bookmark something, I file it away properly right away, to avoid this problem.


    Richard Rinyai
    The Professional Assistant

  2. I usually catch up and clean up every once in a while but sometimes I slip. I just finished reorganizing my bookmarks again and it took me almost five hours!

  3. Good tips.

    YOu can also bookmark it to your FF bookmark tab. I do that for my top 10 favorites.

    Blog Tactic’s last blog post: Blog Tactic LinkBack Project

    • I also add my bookmarks to my Firefox bookmarks toolbar. It is a lot easier to have dropdown folders for my bookmarks than going to Bookmarks then the folders.

  4. That\’s something to stretch your brain cells over! First time here. I\’ll have to thinking about adding you to my favorites Ciao!

  5. I’ll try making drop down folders – that’s a neat idea. I love the bookmarks toolbar in FF, I have about 30 bookmarks there (three also automatically open as my homepages for FF)

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