Multi-Tasking Your E-Services with ifttt

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Posted 11 May 2012 in Reviews, Soulville

We love to promote the use of multiple productivity tools. It’s pretty common to have a tool that does one thing really well or even a group of activities really well. But rarely does a single program do EVERYTHING you need done. Enter ifttt – if this then that. It’s a really cool way to link several services together.

The approach is that you have an action happening in one application (or channel as ifttt refers to them). When that happens ifttt does another action for you. An example:

I send myself an email as a reminder. I tell ifttt to take the body of any email I send myself and make it a note in Evernote. Magically there it is!

What if you get a link in twitter? Or send one yourself? Tell ifttt to save those in Delicious or to make an Evernote or to email it to someone. One of my favorites is to send everything I favorite on my twitter to Delicious. My second favorite would be that if I email anyone an article from Flipboard, the mere presence of the term “Sent from Flipboard” will make that article then be saved on Delicious and also saved in my Evernote. That is pretty cool since often I send links about recipes or really cool photos and no need to do double work by trying to bookmark by hand or add the recipe to my recipes notebook.

There are currently 43 channels (applications/programs) that can be used to create several hundred possible tasks. What’s to lose?

Check out ifttt here and check out recipes for ifttt (ifttt tasks that others have made that they decide to share with the world). I’ve created a couple recipes which you can find here. If I make more in the future, you can see them at that link. Recipes are a great way to reduce your own amount of work to create tasks. If you make some, please share the link in the comments!

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