How To Totally Rock It Out Memorial Day Weekend

*Disclaimer – I know some of you guys reading this aren’t in the States, but just take all these suggestions and apply for a normal weekend where ever you are! Love ya!

Memorial Day is QUICKLY approaching. I can’t wait for it to get here because I’m getting to go to NYC and spend that time with Ellie. Jealous? I know you are. (But before you get too jealous, realize I have to take a weeklong doctoral exam before I get there) Money is tight but you’re anxious to get out the house and do something. This entire recession is killing the social life/travel life for some folks – gas is high, food costs are high, entertainment costs are high. Well what can you do to rock it out? Check out these tips – the first three are typical things we think of when celebrating time off work, but the rest are ways that could probably better honor the holiday and those it is meant to remember.

1) Stay local. There are plenty of things to do where you live. Try looking at your local chamber of commerce’s website for ideas. Some awesome movies just came out (“Star Trek” and “The Soloist” just to name a couple), plus there is always Blockbuster or Netflix to make it a night in with the movies. Catch the matinee if possible to save a few bucks. Tired of sitting inside to watch movies? Grab a sleeping bag and a tent and go watch the movies outside with a laptop (true the extension cord running from inside the house might ruin the occasion, but still). Other than watching movies, try finding local free concerts, check out the local farmers market, go enjoy local free/cheap museums or exhibits, rediscover the public library, play WOW, or get together with some friends and make up a photo scavenger hunt.

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2) In-State Road Trip. If your state is pretty small, you could probably discover the whole state in a weekend! Just kidding. Keeping yourself in-state means probably not a ton of miles to drive, finding out more about where you live, and taking advantage of all the state parks and campsites (or other cool things). I live in Kentucky so I could go see where KFC started, see handmade quilts, see pottery being made, see tobacco barns, check out Red River Gorge, etc. What all is there to do where you live? Find out!

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3) Fly somewhere. Go somewhere you haven’t been but really have wanted to go. Find a cheap ticket somewhere and just go. You could have an awesome weekend just because you let go of inhibitions! Don’t forget the camera and a list of things you want to do when you go – no need to come home without accomplishing at least 1 thing on the list! (or you could just use as an excuse to go back). Make sure to try and use the new wi-fi service on different airlines and let us know how it works! (I’m giddy just thinking about it)

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4) Hug a serviceman/woman and buy them lunch or dinner. It’ll probably make their day and certainly will be a cool way to honor their duty to the country. Maybe get together with friends or family and make a box or two to send to some troops overseas – don’t forget the batteries, magazines, qtips, and condoms (the condoms are for keeping sand out of the weapons…get your minds out the gutter!). There are tons of sites to get a list of cool things to send the troops.

National Guard Homecoming (16)
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5) Do community service. There are so many in need in this country, so why not spend the weekend helping out? Some ideas are to help do a community build or find out from a local service office if there are homes that need the grass cut or painting. Other ways to serve are to go to a soup kitchen or to bag up those clothes you’re not wearing anymore and take them to a shelter (nothing against goodwill, but this time we want folks who really need it to get the stuff for free). As a geek, you can use your technological know how to serve the community as well by volunteering to repair computers for non-profits, donate and fix laptops for soldiers, show the elderly how to use the internet, play educational games with kids, etc.

6) Go to a memorial service at your local cemetery and go to a parade. Who doesn’t love a good parade or some great fireworks? Take the time to remember the fallen soldiers and celebrate with the living. Some cities have big concerts and things like that planned. GO! Then go have some good old BBQ!

What do you have planned for Memorial Day Weekend?

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  1. I am definitely keeping it local and as low cost as possible!

  2. HarriMac

    i just found a pretty good tip on lifehacker about grilling chicken if you’ll be doing that. the comments also have some helpful tips and recipes

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