How to Properly Watch Holiday College Football

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Posted 24 Nov 2007 in Soulville

Now this topic may not interest you all, but for me and my family football IS king. Therefore I share with you the proper way to watch Holiday college football.

#1 – Get the TV schedule of every game on between Thanksgiving and Mid-January. Plot out which games overlap – you will need to pay special attention during these times as you should never be stuck watching a commercial. The strength of the teams playing should dictate your primary game.
#2 – Get at least three televisions to be in the same room at the same time. Each one should be muted and on a different game. TV size does not matter. Multiple tvs allow you to keep up with as many games as possible. Muting it not only defeats competing sounds, but also keeps you from listening to stupid announcers.
#3 – Know that you should easily be able to catch most games, but under NO circumstance are you to ever switch loyalties or sides during the game. If your archrival is playing some team you also hate, you’re allowed not to cheer for either team.
#4 – Prepare your seating area to be lush and comfortable. Remove all obstacles in the way as you may jump up occasionally to argue a call with the ref that is on television. Recliners or rocking chairs are good for watching many games in a row.
#5 – Get enough food. You should have plenty of drinks (hydration is important), snacks and real food within arms reach or at least a quick jog to the kitchen. If necessary, get a mini fridge to sit by the couch.
#6 – Watch every game in its entirety. No switching off the tv because you’re “tired”. Sleep is for wusses and definitely for after the bullshit championship series is over (we all know it’s a crock, but hey).

Don’t forget that I-A football isn’t the only football on; check out I-AA, II and III football as those games are just as exciting.

Good luck and good watching. I’m on my way back to preparing snacks before the Georgia-Georgia Tech game.

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