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Posted 20 Nov 2008 in Soulville

SoulvilleAre you like me and don’t like to use iTunes? Well you’re still in luck for using video and audio podcasts on your iPod or mp3 player. I love MediaMonkey to pieces but it only supports audio. So what to do? Try these programs below:

Windows Media Player – Yes, this program that pretty much comes standard on Windows systems can support video and audio podcasts and sync them with your iPod. How do you use WMP to sync your iPod?

Juice 2.2 – Built specifically for podcasts, it comes highly recommended and is said to be very quick and efficient.

Ziepod – Listen on the site or directly download to your mp3 player. It’s said to be even better than Juice 2.2.

Now that we have a program to sync our podcasts, we need to get a few to listen to!

These are my top 3 sites for getting podcasts that are timely and enjoyable:

  1. MSNBC & NBC podcasts
  2. Jazz on a Thursday Night
  3. SSRadio

Some other really cool sites for podcasts:

  1. – All genres of podcasts, plus you can test them on the site before you download.
  2. New York Times podcasts – Over a dozen audio podcasts from the award-winning New York Times’ reporters and editors.
  3. Scientific American – Currently four great podcasts that cover a myriad of science topics.
  4. Podcast Pickle – One of the oldest podcast directory sites on the internet.
  5. Slate – Daily podcasts from one of the original daily online magazines.
  6. – Official information from the United States government.
  7. ESPN – Literally dozens of podcasts for sports news and happenings.

Share what podcasts you absolutely love in the comments! If you have a favorite podcast software, let us know, too!

HarriMac enjoys a well lived life with a large serving of soul. Her special feature, Welcome to Soulville, appears every Thursday.

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  1. Does Juice work on Windows Vista?

  2. NPR does some great podcasts, as does BBC Radio 4. I like their mix of intelligent programming, it makes the commute to work a more educational one.
    Of the independent stuff I enjoy the Canadian comedy chat of Stop Podcasting Yourself and a whole range of British comedy including the rambling chat of Collings & Herrin, the slightly more polished Perfect Ten and (ahem) my own Max Buffer’s Media Museum (a spoof on the rotten state of modern television).

  3. Juice does work on Vista though Vista is not listed as being compatible. I downloaded it and installed it just fine without having to use the retro feature for installs that comes with Vista.

    Tris, you’re right about the mix of programming. I prefer it over just music or music/gossip stations. I think I’ll try a few of the recommended podcasts. They sound great!

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