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Posted 23 Dec 2008 in Soulville

SoulvilleAt some point we’ve all said, “Man I wish I could make that”. Well, I can’t give you any creative genius, but I can share some creative insights – things to make, freeware to make it possible, ideas for supplies, etc. Check it out then let me know how you get creative!

Calendars – Most of us need a calendar. Some of us need severalĀ  that we frantically and obsessively keep up with. But if you want a cheap way to just keep a calendar around that you can be happy to put up and reference, check out these sites for making your own custom calendars.

Some other options:

  1. Get a large dry erase board and use painters tape to mark lines that you can make in whatever shape you want with paint or permanent markers (or use colored tape that is in different shapes) to make the lines. The permanent marker will come off if written over with dry erase marker.
  2. Get a large cork board and on the outside edge use wooden letters (you can get from Walmart or a craft store) to spell out your name or calendar or whatever you want it to say. Use a craft glue to make sure the letters stick. Use directions similar to these to actually make the board just right and stick your calendar on it every month.

Babbage calendar proof
Creative Commons License photo credit: Marcin Wichary

Baskets – You’ve seen those really cool baskets that people get gift baskets and stuff in. Well now you can make some to put on your desk or elsewhere to use for anything! Find some fabric you really like (again at Walmart or a craft store. Get enough (at least a yard in case you have mess-ups) and follow these directions for lining the basket:

Once you have it lined, you can add ribbons or tags to indicate what the basket is for. In my office, I have one labeled “School Supplies”, one labeled “Sticky/Hangup” and one labeled “Writing/Drawing”. I intend to make one an inbox for assignments and a outbox for assignments but I need more desk space!

desk setup
Creative Commons License photo credit: ooh_food

Decorative Hooks – I LOVE to hang things on the wall. Not just because it makes my walls appear busy but because I live in a small space. Every space must be used to keep things off the floor and from subsequently cluttering my mind. The sites below have AWESOME directions for making your own decorative hooks. Might I suggest finding really cool craft paints you like in the wood craft section of a store and you can get the hardware from a hardware store or stores like target or Walmart. Sometimes you can even find at drugstores like Rite-Aid or CVS. These ideas can be tweaked a little to hang up power strips (notice the little hook holes in the back of the power strip) or baskets.

Book Covers – If you read a lot, sometimes you don’t want to damage the covers of the books or you don’t want everyone knowing what you’re reading. If I’m really into a book, the last thing I want is someone walking up and trying to start a conversation about the book. Let me finish! But I digress. Here are ideas for making book covers – everything from those great paper bag book covers we used in elementary school to a little more sophisticated cover that works with paperbacks too.

Bookmarks – I am always searching for a bookmark. My favorite one is one that my Aunt made for me – she cross stitched my name and some books, cut it to size then added classic stamps to the back and laminated the whole thing. It’s awesome. I even have people who do not share my name and they try to take it (come on now)! You can’t have mine (though you could stitch your own) but here are some other ideas:

Creative Commons License photo credit: lavendarlady

Tshirt Quilt – I have far more tshirts than most people I know. I gave away 2 20 gallon totes and STILL have four drawers full of tshirts at home plus some hung up. Some are those old ones that I don’t wear anymore but can’t stand to part with and others are just newer ones I haven’t had a chance to wear more than a couple times. But what to do with all of those? One idea is to make a quilt from them. Here’s directions.

Security Blanket
Creative Commons License photo credit: waterrose

Online Scrapbooking – More and more people are moving everything digital. So why should your scrapbook be any different. Some of these sites are free and others require some type of payment. But these are the ones I thought were neat –

Creative Commons License photo credit: amilalala

If you’ve done any of these, please send pictures, I’d love to see them! As always post your ideas, thoughts and comments below!

HarriMac enjoys a well lived life with a large serving of soul. Her special feature, Welcome to Soulville, appears every Thursday.

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