8 Ways to Ring in Spring

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Posted 26 Mar 2009 in Soulville

Spring is here! I’m so excited. Spring is my favorite season of the year, with fall close behind. Here are some things to do as the season changes to get you together in multiple parts of your life.

1. Toss old clothes. During the winter you probably were thinking of all those clothes that are clogging up your closet OR that you have lost weight and need to get some new clothes OR you just need some new clothes OR you just have too much stuff you don’t use. Take this opportunity to toss things that are too big, way too small, not your style anymore, torn up, worn out, etc. This means clothes, shoes (sneakers should be changed every 6 months or more often anyway), hats, undies, socks, athletic gear, etc.

organized closet: after
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2. Think about what clothing/shoes you might need for the spring/summer. If you changed sizes or need some items you don’t have, start looking for those pre-summer sales. Don’t be too quick on the buy without shopping around, but don’t wait too late or the highest prices come around. Some offices have relaxed summer dress, so get enough to wear to work.

3. Get rid of unused books, papers, boxes, bags, and school supplies. If they are still usable, donate them to charity or sell for cheap on Craigslist, give away on Freecycle or other websites. If they aren’t usable by anyone see if you can recycle them and if not toss. I have a million bags and one by one if I know I don’t use it, I’m getting rid of them. If I can do it, you can too!

4. File your taxes and submit your FAFSA (if you have to do either one). This probably should have been first but hey, sue me (not literally, you wouldn’t get a dime cause I don’t have any). Taxes are due by April 15 and your FAFSA may have already been due but submit it anyway. Yeah, yeah not a fun process. And don’t bank on being able to e-file your state taxes. Depending on your individual circumstance, you may have to mail your tax forms in. Don’t be caught in line on tax day!

#7 death and...
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5. Toss all those old medications and toiletries you don’t use. If you tried it once and hated it but kept it, toss it now. That stuff is taking up space and collecting dust. Meds should be taken to a pharmacy or other designated place to be discarded of properly – do not flush them! You really don’t want to know that meds you flush down the drain can end up in your municipal drinking water. I don’t want your Percocet and you don’t need my antibiotics, so let’s not swap okay?

6. Get the grill out and clean it. Don’t have a grill? Go get one! Even if it’s just a tiny George Foreman, grilling is a healthy way to prepare food and to have fun with friends. Be safe cleaning your outdoor grills though – using the wrong thing to clean them and BOOM – you blow yourself up. Not a good start for the season huh?

7. CLEAN. Yes, clean. That thing you should do at least once a week to your house? But this time take out all the stops – clean the baseboards, shampoo the carpets, wax the floors, wash the outside of the windows, clean the mirrors, scrub the floors (hands and knees people), clean the whole fridge inside and out with a bleach mixture, clean the oven, and paint if need be. There are so many things to do to keep an apartment or a house clean. Don’t forget to use a broom and get those ceiling corners!

52/365 8/52
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8. Last but not least, clean up your computer. It’s been neglected a little so make it work well by defragging and deleting files you don’t use anymore. All those fun computer maintenance things people recommend – try the ones that are necessary. Not a computer guru? The process isn’t that hard but read up on the processes before you do them so you know what you’re doing. Make a system restore point before you start if you use Windows. Replace parts that need to be replaced, or soup it up if that’s what you want.

What are some things you all do to ring in the spring?

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