8 Apps To End April!

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Posted 28 Apr 2012 in Reviews, Soulville

There are always tons of new apps coming out and apps that are new to all of us. Some of these are available on Android, all are available on iPhone. We all need new apps to keep ourselves occupied during the work day or school day and during our down time. And with a few cool holidays and travel season coming up, what better to keep ou occupied in the airport, train station or bus station? As a side note, to make the Android users happy, there is an entire new series of Android posts with info on apps, new Android software releases, and some new tech to use Android coming over the next couple months. Stay tuned and look out!

Readability – There are quite a few apps for reading something later – instapaper, Pocket (formerly read it later), etc. but I like the look of Readability. It works well on my phone and on my internet browser, I like that i can use it at work or at home, and I can add articles from my phone (by copying and pasting the URL from my browser…admittedly a downside) or from my computer and it syncs automatically. The other downside? Most of the other apps I use only recognize instapaper or pocket to save things to read later. I really wish there were more options. Check it out for Android or iOS. Check out their 60 second intro video here.

Fitocracy – One of the latest exercise tracking websites (and crazes) has an iPhone app now. Before you could have done like me and made a link on your phone homescreen to their homepage, but now you get all the functionality of the website on your phone. Track your exercise as you do it, immediately after, or days later. It’s easy to give props or do challenges from the app. Though iMapMy… is still one of my favorite apps to use and has great functionality, I really think this app is much better laid out and easier to use. Definitely a must have if you use Fitocracy and have an iOS device.

AP Mobile – Yes – another news app. But many of them give you AP news with their own name on it. So go straight to the source and get notifications of really top breaking news. The notifications aren’t overwhelming, which is nice, but they aren’t pretty much non-existent (which is also nice). Adding the app is an alternative to trying to keep up with the tweets from AP but I still use both. Available on iOS and on Android.

PBS – You know you love PBS. So why not get the app so you can watch specials (including documentaries and concerts) in full. PBS Kids is available on the app as shorts but unfortunately if you’d like this app to keep your kids occupied, you’ll need to keep looking. If you’re needing to know when a certain program is on your local public television stations, you can do that from this app as well. That in and of itself is pretty handy. PBS app users get some perks through the app – some documentaries are available in advance to mobile users so keep an eye out for when this is the case. Available for iOS only (some other PBS news apps are available for Android)

Snapguide – I’ve never known how to fold a fitted sheet. Sad, I know. Why is this relevant? Snapguide is an amazing app that let’s people take pictures and write a guide of how to do something then share that guide with other people. So now I know how to fold a fitted sheet, make a candle holder from a soda can, and make a self-watering plant container. There are so many guides available and anyone can add one. If you’re a visual person like me, this is sweet especially because it’s easily integrated for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Available for iOS only at the moment. They are open to having an Android version but haven’t gotten there yet.

Fathm – Ever wanted to visually see how you’re spending your time? In a piechart? Fathm is a new way to do it. Zoom in and out and add things to your schedule then click to look to see how you’re using your time. Don’t like a pie chart? Look at your calendar in a “normal” time layout. But if you’re looking for a new way to have a calendar, try this. Unfortunately, if you’re like me and already have a full calendar in your built in service or even something like Google Calendar, you can’t integrate them into Fathm. Available for iOS

Gain Fitness – Thanks to one of our awesome readers, I got turned on to the awesomeness of Gain Fitness. I can easily create workouts on my phone of any length, then do them whenever I want. The basic features of the program are just fine for me, but if you want some more specific workouts or things that work very specific parts of your body, you can buy add-ons with those exercises. I love that I can tell it what resources I have available and it bases the workout on that. Don’t have any exercise equipment? No problem. Have a great gym? No problem. Check out the free version for iOS or their website (click Quick Workout for the same functions).

TED – Yes, that TED. If you want to view different TED videos, listen to TED talks, search TED talks, save TED talks, share TED talks, etc, this is the app for you. This doesn’t include TEDMED in case you’re wondering but there are endless possibilities for learning here. The streaming video is awesome and so is the audio streaming. Very easy to find items on certain topics and with certain speakers. What do you want to learn about today? Available on iOS and Android.

Oh, Ranger! – If you like being outdoors in state or national parks or want to see what public lands or parks are near you to try it out for the first time, the Oh, Ranger! app (beta) lets you find items near certain zip codes and in certain states. You can select things you want to do and find parks that match that or just find your favorite park and see everything that’s there. It has contact info, reservation info, website links, info on permits you’ll need, nearby attractions and maps of the park in PDF format. One stop shop for getting outdoors and closer to nature. Available for iOS but they are supposedly working on an Android version. (I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Android version, they said a year ago it was supposed to be done by the end of 2011).

What cool apps have you found that you really like? What platforms is it available on?

We’ll be back next week with a review of something that might be able to help you get ready for Mother’s Day. Be excited!
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