15 Really Cool and Free iPhone Apps

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Posted 12 Mar 2009 in Featured, Soulville

SoulvilleI’ve had my Apple iPhone for about 3 weeks now and I think it’s pretty awesome.

Every couple days, I find some really neat applications that help all facets of my life – school work, organization, entertainment, hobbies.

Here are 15 of the coolest free iPhone apps I have located so far.

1. The Weather Channel – For quick updates on weather, this is where I turn first. It’s easier to check the weather here upon waking up than getting up and going to a website on the computer.

2. Twitterfon – I love Twitter! Twitterfon is a pretty cool application and updates my Twitter account quickly. I also have Twitterific on my phone just because it’s the required application to tweet directly from the USA Today application. Both are easy to use.


3. SitorSquat – I don’t know about you, but I’m always stuck somewhere and get the urge to “go”. This app is pretty cool to find a nearby bathroom and I can even add some of my own! They are rated and you can find comments so it makes it pretty simple to avoid crappy (no pun intended) bathrooms.

4. NYTimes – Especially with the newest update allowing one to email articles directly from the application, I love being able to keep up with the news on my iPhone.

5. Wikipanion – Definitely an improvement from the resizing you have to do to read a regular Wikipedia page on the Safari browser, this puts it in a simple easy to read format. Saves my eyesight!

6. TV.com – I can watch my favorite CBS tv shows and other tv shows from this application and look up the schedule for the week. Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

7. PubMed on Tap Lite/PubSearch – Another 2 for 1 in my list. In my field, I’m always searching for articles pertaining to my research. ALWAYS. These apps make it simple to get a starting place and read some abstracts. I might even get to read the entire article! PubMed on Tap Lite also has a paid version which allows access to more articles at once.

8. Call A Cab – As someone without a car, I occasionally need a taxi to get somewhere I can’t walk or bike to. This can locate where I am and give me local taxi numbers and even directly call the service. Great for late nights!

9. PghTraffic – Ok, so I’m biased. I like this app solely because it lets me see Pittsburgh whenever I want. (Yes, I miss PGH – GO STEELERS!)

10. NPR Mobile – If you are a lover of NPR or any of the podcasts, this is a must have application. Directly link in to all the programming and podcasts.

11. PhD Comic – One of my favorite comics on the move!

12. Google Mobile App – I can quickly get to any Google application with the touch of a button. Easy to use and keeps me organized!

13. Craigsphone – CraigsList for iPhone is easy to read and well organized. It definitely is better than the internet page! Only issue is that you can’t change the adult settings so some listings are tossed even in my favorite section “best of…”

14. NYC Subway Map – When Ellie is traveling in NYC, I can know exactly where she is because I’ve got this nifty NYC subway map on my phone! I see every stop!

15. Lose It! – I can keep track of everything I eat and see where my intake is going (put the Girl Scout cookies DOWN). Easy to add new foods that aren’t in the program.

Other iPhone applications of note: Wolfgang’s Concert Vault (not as good as their website, but decent amount of material); Yelp; Kindle for iPhone; and the Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook (recipes to go? alright!)

What are your favorite iPhone apps?

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  1. This really makes me want to get an iPhone! I love my Moto Q, but I do not have a lot of these applications available!

  2. I would like to see what sitorsquat app results would be for out here where I live in Nebraska! I think it wouldn’t matter, every spot is fair game.