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Posted 17 Aug 2007 in Reviews

SELaplana is a blog bout technology, entertainment and society. I did enjoy my visit and found quite a few posts that were helpful to me in my quest for monetization and learning more about what’s going on in the technology field.

Just a few of the posts that I read and found incredibly useful or interesting:

Some of the things I really like about SELaplana are the posts about all kinds of topics, not just technology or monetization related. Finding out about how Laplana has grown as a blogger is inspiring and refreshing. Most bloggers won’t admit that they aren’t experts and haven’t always been successful.

But there are features that I really didn’t like, such as the SezWho voting buttons for each comments. On a site like SELaplana, which gets dozens of comments on most of its posts, this is an annoying feature that can be distracting. Additionally, it is difficult to navigate the sidebars because they are not more evenly distributed. Some of the content from the left sidebar could be pushed into the right sidebar. I do like that you can find a search box at the top of each page.

Overall, SELaplana is a good site to visit if you are interested in any of the above topics – technology, entertainment or society. The resources provided are great and timely.

SELaplana, a blog about technology, entertainment and society, is offering a free review back if you review his site.

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