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Posted 24 Jul 2007 in Reviews

Girl power! Sam has a fantastic site that chronicles the phenomenon of making money online. She wants to share and receive tips on how to make money blogging, which is admirable for a 17 year old. Perhaps she’ll put her earnings toward college? :smile:

Sam’s blog is one of the cleanest and well designed I’ve ever seen. I love her “buy me a girly beer” link. As soon as I get a few bucks, I’ll send ’em her way!

The tips she gives are priceless. It never occurred to me *not* to post videos or jokes when I have writers’ block. 😯 So, I will be taking Sam’s advice and stockpiling some articles for a rainy day or just surfing for news articles to write about or review. is not a stuffy site, but instead a site that is personable and friendly. She is another blogger who can be looked at as an up and coming force in the money-making niche. After finding her site a few weeks ago, I’ve subscribed to the feed and look forward to her daily posts on blogging and how to make money online.

Definitely visit this wonderful site today! Sam’ll be waiting for ya! ❗

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