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Posted 06 Sep 2007 in Reviews

LinkyLove hipped me to the guy behind Livewyre.NET, Jay Livewyre, and I am glad! This guy totally rocks! ❗

Livewyre.NET is a great site that aim to bring free software, SEO hints and tips along with ideas for making online income to people like me, who are new to some aspects of Web 2.0! I enjoyed the section on SEO – search engine optimization. The tips and tricks are definitely helpful and remind me of the “little things” I must do as a blogger to gain and maintain strong search engine traffic!

If you are looking for information on monetization, Livewyre.NET is a good resource for this, too! Rachel Henderson author of the ‘TurnOnePoundIntoOneMillion’ Blog, and CEO of Bowbridge Publishing, has shared some of her make money online tips with us. I am definitely going to check this section out in depth, as I really do want to maintain a healthy income from my blogging!

Check out Livewyre.NET if you are looking for a fresh perspective on all things internet – and perhaps you’ll learn something new, too!

To enter the Livewyre.NET contest to win $35, visit the competition page and get more details!

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  1. Thanks Ellie – you’re a star

    • Thanks! Good luck with the contest! 😀

  2. Pitty Jay is taken already 😀 Rich as he is he should double the prices :-)

    • there is a lot to learn from Jay! He is definitely working his niche and doing it well! ❗