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Posted 17 Aug 2007 in Reviews

Jon Waraas dot com is another site that focuses on teaching people how to make money at home. He’s obviously pretty good at it – because at age 14/15 he started selling skateboarding rails on eBay and now he’s making enough money to afford a beautiful home at age 19/20!

I like the layout of Jon’s site and his writing style. He is laid back, yet authoritative. Think about it – he’s making more money in a day than most people will make in a week! He’s definitely doing things right, so I took the time to look at his archives and read posts that I thought were interesting.

Jon has become successful in creating post titles that grab your attention! I read 20 articles, when I only planned on reading 5, just because of the titles!!! If you want to learn more about how to make money at home, visit Jon Warass dot com and stick around for a few. You are bound to learn something!

If you would like to get a free link on Jon Waraas dot com, then simply do a short review of his blog with the anchor link “Make Money At Home“.Edit: Spelling correction… my apologies!

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