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Posted 08 Aug 2007 in Reviews

jon lee dot see eh is a self-described ‘fun’ web development blog. l never would have thought of web development as fun, but jon lets us know that it is easy to just let our hair down and relax – and not take ourselves as seriously as web developers.

His site is well designed and attractive. Of course, I check out the sidebars of a site, looking for goodies that might work with my site or just look plain interesting. Of note is the ShowoffRankings widget, which was created by Jon.

Jon created this for his site – but ShowoffRankings is available for any site. This nifty gadget shows displays your Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Ranking, Compete Snapshot Rank and Technorati Rank. It is attractive and works in real time. Thanks Jon, for the great addition to my site!

Overall, the site has numerous articles that just make you feel good about being online. Rather than instilling panic about PageRank or other stats that don’t matter, Jon covers a number of topics and definitely looks at the bright side of things.

jon lee dot see eh is currently sponsoring a free PR4 backlink contest. Visit his site for lots of web development tips, efficiency tips and products reviews.

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