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Posted 17 Oct 2007 in Reviews

Linky Love has been one of my favorite “make money online” blogs since I started blogging seriously earlier this year! This site has been incredibly helpful as I’ve navigated the waters into blogging with PayPerPost and other monetization opportunities online.

While Linky, the author of Linky Love is not US based, their opinions on what is most important in the make money online arena are well respected by bloggers worldwide. Linky Love has seen some dramatic traffic increases, due to Linky’s tenaciousness and willingness to spread the knowledge about Link Love all around the world!

The design of Linky Love is faboo, with tons of information included in a great, minimalist template, so the information stands out!

Linky took a ready-made WordPress template and has personalized it, to add color, ads, information and yes – TONS OF LINKS!

There’s always something interesting going on at Linky Love – whether it be “blog of the weekend” honors, “blog of the day” honors or contests!

The current contest is pretty unique – and gives entrants a chance to win up to 3 months free advertising just for having the most traffic within a specific day or week and posting Linky’s banner on your website or blog!

Another great reason to LOVE Linky Love is the dedication to helping you find out about new, unique and proven ways to make money online. As proof, Linky shows you how to use keywords to rank higher in search engines, without damaging your site’s brand. Linky also has gone as far as to create super niche sites, such as Gwen Stefani Sweet Escape.

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    I guess you are participating in the contest, if so, leave a comment there, so everybody knows the competition will be fierce :-)