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Posted 19 Feb 2009 in Reviews

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My laptop went on the fritz this morning, so now I am looking at laptops online to find a good replacement. I hope to find a great laptop that is affordable but also offers a lot of the features I need to be productive.

laptoplogic.com offers great laptop reviews, so I have been checking this site out when I find a laptop I like on BestBuy.com and Amazon.com and vice-versa. Since I often try to buy laptops on clearance, because the price is a lot more reasonable, and because I do not need the top of the line, latest features that come on today’s laptops.

I’m looking at the best laptops, according to reviews on the sites, hardware specifications and what my needs are, but I’m also looking at what the editors and users of laptoplogic.com have to say about the laptops I selected. I prefer Toshiba laptops, so I narrowed my search to only Toshiba laptops, then sorted by rating. Once I got a good idea of what the top rated laptops were, I then searched for those models on BestBuy.com and Amazon.com. Unfortunately, some of these laptops weren’t available, but one of my classmates suggested an eeePC, so I checked those out on laptoplogic.com, too.

I think my new laptop might be an eeePC, since they are ultra portable and have the hardware I need – spacious hard drives, lots of RAM and nice processors. laptoplogic.com made it a lot easier to find the information I needed, as it was organized well and the reviews were easy to understand. I’ll definitely keep looking at the reviews as I keep searching for my new dream laptop.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that laptoplogic.com also has how-to articles for using, repairing and maintaining your laptop, a blog and a user forum. This multi-featured site has definitely helped me out tremendously as I tried to work on repairing my beloved laptop today and started looking for a replacement! Whether I buy a new laptop today or not, I now have a great resource for keeping my laptop up to date and ready for whatever comes my way!

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  1. HarriMac

    my laptop went on the fritz this morn too. we’re twins (hehe). i think my next laptop will be another dell xps (maybe the 1330) or a toshiba (some of theirs have super powers!). i used to be infatuated with alienware but i haven’t checked them out lately. since i’ll have my desktops around next year, i don’t need my laptop to be a super workhorse any more.

  2. Toshiba laptops are pretty nice. Alienware is my dream desktop computer, so I can run SimCity 2000 perpetually.

    An eeePC would be a great addition for commuting and work.

  3. I think I use my laptop too much. I have to massage the power on button fro a few seconds now to get it to cut on. I’m looking at some MACs.

    • Macs are really nice. I used to have one at my old job, and they are reliable workhorses. It was fun learning how to make a Mac work vs a PC.