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Posted 02 Nov 2007 in Reviews

Livewyre.NETI had a feeling that I should wait to do the review for WIN BIG with thepinkc contest winner Livewyre.NET. And lo and behold, there’s been a TOTAL revamp of this extremely helpful blog, including a new color scheme and great new graphics!

Livewyre.NET seeks to provide visitors with bring free software, SEO hints and tips along with ideas for making money online to people like me, who are new to some aspects of Web 2.0! I keep going back to the section on SEO – search engine optimization, re-reading and integrating the tips and tricks into my own blog. This section is my favorite, as it is definitely helpful and remind me of the “little things” I must do as a blogger to gain and maintain strong search engine traffic!

If you are looking for information on monetization, Livewyre.NET is a good resource for this, too! Rachel Henderson author of the ‘TurnOnePoundIntoOneMillion’ Blog, and CEO of Bowbridge Publishing, has shared some of her make money online tips with us.

Additionally, the design is fresh and unique. Where else can you find a well designed and helpful site to help YOU become a better blogger without a bunch of flashing ads and graphics, huge photos of the site owner, etc.? 😀

Jay Livewyre, the owner of Livewyre.NET, has used and reviewed software titles for readers, so you can rest assured that if Jay recommends it, it’s probably a sure bet to be helpful and a great addition to your software arsenal!

If you want some help learning HTML, check out contributer John Wells’ article, Build a Website. This is extremely helpful information for WordPress bloggers (and others!) who want to learn how to tweak their templates to perfection.

Check out Livewyre.NET if you are looking for a fresh perspective on all things internet – and perhaps you’ll learn something new, too!

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  1. Hey thanks, I still have some tweaks to do on the new design – glad you like it, you sure are an expert site-reviewer…. :smile: