Gadget Girl Accessories – Bringing the Gadgets to the Geek Girls!

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Posted 05 Nov 2007 in Reviews

Gadget Girl AccessoriesI love Gadget Girl Accessories! This site is all about being a geek and a girl at the same time. No matter what Linky Love says, being a geek girl is GREAT!

Gadget Girl Accessories is PINK and faboo! It offers a clean, pink infused theme that grabs your attention and keeps you there, with great content covering all of the types of accessories a geek girl might need.

The original Geek Girl, Loretta, the author of Gadget Girl Accessories, has some great posts. One of my favorites is “Declutter Your Inbox“, which tells you HOW to declutter your email inbox. I have a huge problem with having tons of emails from various stores I like to shop at online and deals from my favorite geeky gear stores. I used the Geek Girl’s tips and now I feel like a huge weight is off of my shoulders. I now have more time to study surf and look for tech gadgets and software. 😀

She’s also following the 101 Steps to a Being a Better Blogger, so I love reading and comparing her responses to mine. ❗

Overall, this site is great. There’s tons of good content, well researched and reviewed products and ample opportunity to become a part of an established community for geek girls! And fellas, don’t feel left out – a lot of the geeky accessories could easily be used by guys, too!

Or, you could check out Gadget Girl Accessories and get the perfect gift for your favorite geek girl, a heart shaped USB drive necklace! 😛

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