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Posted 14 Jul 2013 in Reviews

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Feedly! We’ve been testing Feedly since the July 1 cutoff for Google Reader. So far, we’re impressed. They made a lot of strides to welcome Google Reader users and as a dedicated RSS reader, it beats out Flipboard and Pulse. Sure you can use those two services to view all your items from Google Reader, Feedly offers the layout that is closest to Google Reader and it is available on mobile devices (Android, Amazon Fire, and iOS) and the web. All versions of Feedly are well integrated with each other and you can connect several other web services including Pocket, LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and Pinterest. Better yet? Feedly allows you to customize what page you start on when you open the program, it allows you to choose your layout and, just like Google Reader, it allows you to mark all of your feeds as read at once.

Title Only View

Magazine View

Cards View

Pay attention to the next two images. The first shows Full Article View and the second shows what happens when you highlight the arrow on that view. You can see other tools that are tied in to Feedly for sharing.

You can create various categories fairly easily for your feeds and re-organize those whenever you’d like by dragging and dropping (via the web). If you use IFTTT, you can make many more customizations such as saving all of the articles you marked as read it later in Feedly to any other program you would like, such as Diigo. We made a couple tags for articles (you can tag any article you choose) and using IFTTT, those are now sent directly to a blog. Pretty cool! Let’s not forget to mention, Feedly Mini on the web helps you quickly use the function of Feedly on any website you’re on!

There were¬† a few things that we didn’t like about Feedly – in the web version, your settings are found under ‘Preferences”. On mobile? “Settings”. Continuity would be great. in addition, we think it should be easier to find the services you can link to within Feedly from the web version. It is super duper easy to find on the mobile versions, but we couldn’t really find it in the web version. Sure you can click on the icons, but that doesn’t help so much if you don’t know what all your options are. There are also things that only exist on the mobile versions such as changing the font size. Sure you can increase the browser font size, but that eventually changes the layout of your Feedly page. What a bummer. There are some features available on the web that aren’t available on mobile (drag and drop organization and multiple colors for customization).

All in all? We’re really happy with this free replacement for Google Reader. Sure they existed before but we’re there because our preferred method was erased (darn you Google!). Side note: If you tried Feedly for iOS just after the first of the month, you may have gotten an error about connecting and not being able to finish connecting. However, that has been fixed so try it again if you’re so inclined.

Bonus for reading:

We found two other iOS apps that you really should check out as well. We couldn’t wait for another posting opportunity so we are sharing them today. From a favorite to do app of ours, Any.Do, comes Cal. It is a really sleek calendar that integrates well into your contacts and all of the calendars you have synced to iOS. Very easy to tie in an address (with a map!). Best of all, Cal is free. The second app is a new offering from one of our favorite websites, IFTTT. Finally, you can change, turn on and turn off your IFTTT tasks on the go. Want to make a new task? It can handle it though that isn’t perfected yet. It is currently available on iOS. Both apps are looking to be on Android platforms soon.

What have you turned to as an RSS reader post-Google Reader? What do you like most about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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