What’s in your bag, Ellie?

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Posted 08 May 2009 in Random

Following the great post yesterday by HarriMac about her go-bag, I am posting mine. I carry a lot less stuff when I’m out adventuring around Manhattan, but I always have room for my favorite gadgets.

Ellie's Go Bag

1. Timbuk2 Eula bag – customized for me with a PINK logo
2. 80 GB iPod Classic – full of great music and podcasts
3. Belkin Travel Charger
4. Tricked out Moleskine notebook – Read my post about 8 Great Uses for a Moleskine notebook
5. Eyeglasses case
6. Reading glasses, because even nerds need glasses sometimes
7. Keys and discount cards on large carbiner
8. Baby oil, because lotion doesn’t work for my skin
9. NJ Transit train schedule
10. Motorola Moto Q9c with extended battery
11. Pentel RSVP pen (Fine)
12. Fossil wallet
13. Bluetooth headset

(Not pictured: Moto Q9c charger, iPod travel charger and MacBook)

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