Muffintopless Girls Rock!

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Posted 09 Apr 2009 in Random

Some of you guys who know me in “real” life know that I have had a lifelong battle with my weight. I heard about a neat program called Muffintopless, which is 20 women trying to loose 20 pounds. The catch is that we use Twitter to talk about our ups and downs and support each other.

Muffintopless Logo

Muffintopless Logo

My goal is definitely more than 20 pounds, but 20 pounds is the beginning. I’m already making smarter choices AND I planning on running a 5k by my 29th birthday!

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  1. Wow…awesome write-up!! I feel the same way you do…I’m starting to make such good choices because I have to report in to you guys every day! It’s working!! – Carole