Kumar Dies, House Loses Fans

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Posted 09 Apr 2009 in Random

I watched House on Monday night, after a stupendous day (which I will blog about later). Kumar, the Indian doctor on the show, committed suicide, so the actor playing him would be free to go and work for the O-man (President Obama).

Kumar Goes to Washington

Kumar Goes to Washington

Now, I have no problem with that, because I’d like a job with Obama, too. However, the way the character was written off of the show sucked so bad, that I have promised myself I won’t watch House anymore. First of all, I’d like to state that I am not a professional television show writer, but I know enough about writing to know what’s good and what’s bad. Secondly, I read enough to know that a character was going to be killed off, though I had no idea WHICH character. One of the pleasures of watching a gazillion hours of television is the element of surprise. No surprise if you already know what is going to happen!

I was a faithful House fan for years, but this season seems to have jumped the shark – so I am going to step back and find something else to do on Mondays between 8pm and 9pm – like exercise.

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  1. Um… if you really were a House fan, you’d know the character’s name was Kutner, not Kumar. Kumar is the character Kal Penn played in a couple of stoner movies.

  2. I know his charachter’s name is Kutner. I always give characters nicknames based on what I think when I first see them. For example, I call a character
    on 24 “Speedle” because he used to be on CSI:Miami.