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Posted 15 Mar 2009 in Random

Where have you posted your resume online? Did you forget about that old resume from in 2003? Or what about an old website?

No matter where your online resume is posted, if you can still access the email accounts associated with them, you are in luck. You can update your resume (or remove it totally).

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In my reading last week, I found 10 great tips for making your resume stand out in the deluge that recruiters and HR professionals are receiving. I want to share them with you guys, and hopefully this will make posting your resume online easier. Check these tips out, then go ahead – post your resume online. A list of sites is also included at the end of this post!

Below are the results from a survey of more than 500 leading recruiters, who were asked about executive-level resumes (though this findings apply to most mid-level job resumes as well). The survey was conducted by independent research firm ReseachNow and

Following are the top ten resume criteria named by recruiters:

  1. A strong area of expertise with solid experience to back it up.
  2. Relevant industry experience that includes a solid track record of success.
  3. Leadership experience.
  4. A strong, succinct summary paragraph of one’s professional experience.
  5. Education credentials including where one went to school and how they did when they were there.
  6. An effective, well-organized resume that allows one to quickly skim and review the candidate’s qualifications quickly.
  7. Quantifiable accomplishments and results that show how the candidate contributed to the bottom line.
  8. Relevant technical and business skills such as certifications.
  9. Tenure at a company. Job hopping is usually frowned upon.
  10. Rather than a bulleted list of duties, candidate should summarize job descriptions with a focus on measurable results.

“The job search has never been more competitive and a generic, passive ‘job description’ type resume simply will not make the cut in this job market,” said Tina Brasher, Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Places to list your resume online:

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