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Posted 13 Nov 2010 in Announcements, Featured, Geek Girl, Random

Hi ya’ll!! *Waves* If you aren’t familiar with me, I am HarriMac, sister of blog owner and primary author Ellie. You may have noticed there haven’t been any updates to the blog for a while. Well, there’s a reason, albeit a sad one –

A couple months ago, Ellie suddenly and unexpectedly passed away (Sept 12). Her death was surprising to us and to those of you in the blogosphere and for a while the other siblings and I haven’t been sure what to do with this blog. We know there are many of you that are regular readers and sharers of the blog and because she loved sharing so much with you, we feel that the blog shouldn’t just stop. So there will be new posts keeping with the theme and feel of the blog. I will continue writing tech and how to posts and will soon be joined by at least two of my other siblings that are Android fans. We can’t fill her shoes, but we can try to honor her in this small way. If you’d like to honor her in a bigger way, please visit the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association page that we’ve set up and contribute financially there, or volunteer your time, talent, or treasure in your own community to causes that were significant to her including homeless shelters, food pantries, rape crisis centers, domestic abuse shelters, and car-free advocacy. Ellie was also an advocate for organ donation and even after she passed was able to give at least six other people the gift of life and sight. If you’d like to learn more about organ donation, please visit http://organdonor.gov and make sure your family knows your wishes. It may be a small gift to you, but a giant gift to others.

If you’d like to keep in touch with me (HarriMac) feel free to add me on twitter (sugyroxdemsox), email me (HarriMac at gmail dot com), or follow my personal blog.

Thanks for being loyal readers of Ellie’s and I hope you continue reading!

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  1. This sounds great, and I’m glad you’re carrying on what Ellie started to honor her.

    Looking forward to future Android posts!

  2. That is a very shocking piece of information. Really appreciate what you guys are doing though. :)
    RIP, Ellie.

  3. I am the managing editor of MakeUseOf.com and Ellie did some posts for us during 2008 and 2009 (see her work here – http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/author/ellieharrison ). I have just found out about her death and I am quite upset. My condolences to her family.

  4. I am in such shock right now. I didn’t know!! I have been looking for her online and wondering where she was since she always keeps in touch. We’ve been online friends for over a year and this news saddens me, yet I’m happy that you are carrying on the blog for her.

    RIP Ellie…… you WILL be missed.

  5. Thanks all for your kind words and comments. Always glad to know she meant so much to others. Sorry that some of you had to find out this way. She really enjoyed writing about technology and sharing all her knowledge with others. Please stay in touch with us and keep following the blog! :)