Five Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

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Posted 23 Jul 2009 in Random

In the past three months, I’ve lost 32 pounds. Amazing, huh? I lost weight because I started noticing that my quality of life was decreasing and I wanted to have a great life, not a mediocre one. I started five healthy habits and now I am feeling better than ever and enjoying life to the fullest!

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Doctors have been saying for years that even 20 minutes of exercise a day has great health benefits. So, get up and get moving! I started with just walking around the block, worked my way up to walking one mile. It took me several weeks to do this, so don’t feel pressured to run a marathon on day one. Do the exercise you are capable of doing and work up to more and more strenuous exercise over time.

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Drink lots of water

Debates spring up every now and then about the benefits of water, but one thing’s for sure – our bodies need water in order to function properly. I try to drink 6 pints of water a day, which is almost a gallon of water. My skin looks better, my digestive system is working like it should and I feel more energized than when I was drinking just soda instead of water. Add lemon or lime to water if you don’t like the taste. No calories and very tasty!

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Get some sleep

There’s so much to do, and so little time – but that’s no reason to skimp on sleep. You may not need 8 hours of sleep a night, but your body needs some down time to rejuvenate itself in preparation for another day. Turn off the TV, radio, computer and just lie down and get some sleep. If you have a hard time going to sleep, get up for a few minutes until you feel sleepy again and try again. It may take a few weeks or even a month for your body to adjust to getting more sleep, so again, don’t feel rushed to get 8 hours of sleep on the first try.

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Choose your food wisely

It’s easy to get into the habit of eating fast food or eating out daily. But all of that fat, sugar and salt isn’t good for you. Learn how to make healthier food at home and take lunch to work instead of eating out. Your body and your wallet will thank you. No time to shop? Find out if your local grocery store delivers or if you can use a service like FreshDirect or Peapod to deliver groceries right to your door. Choose more vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Many chips come in whole grain options now, so you can still have “junk” food that is a little more healthy. If you have to eat fast food, check out 158 Fast Food Meals for 500 Calories or Less.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s easy for me to get bogged down in details or problems. Instead, I’ve started looking at the bright side of every situation. No matter how bad things are, they could always be worse! Instead of fretting about how far I walked today, I congratulate myself on the fact that I did walk! Instead of fretting about how much water I didn’t drink, I pat myself on the back for drinking water in the first place. Having a positive outlook can make any situation seem bearable and encourage you to keep working toward small goals.

Do you have any healthy habits you’d like to share? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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