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Posted 28 Nov 2007 in Random

I forgot how fun it is to share your desktop screenshots with other people. It’s a great way to find out more about the personality behind the blog or emails. Currently, I’m using a desktop wallpaper from – it’s called Christmas Tux.

My Desktop

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  1. Hi Ellie

    Finally somebody putting the F back in blogging :-) F for Fun that is! Will join tomorrow as your idea is a sure fit in my category of Fresh Visitors Friday :-)

  2. I’m glad you liked this one! I figured we need to start having FUN blogging, and this was a great way to start!

  3. Thanks for the

    • I love your desktop! :)

  4. Hi Ellie,

    My tag will be on on Tuesday, as yesterday and today I can hardly say my blog is about fun :-(

    Quite surprisingly, my desktop is also cat inspired, so Jay: if you want to feature Bub and Scrub on my cats on Tuesdays, please go ahead (and start drawing episode 1…).

    Like Ellie says: we need to put the fun back in Blogging, so if you do the drawing, we can come up with a funny subject :-) What say you Jay?

  5. I am committed to doing this, your comments are enough to inspire me (any story ideas gratefully received – though I will retain editorial control!!)
    I would love to share the development of this with the two of you – I like the idea of getting involved in the cats on a Tuesday slot… I’ll try to get some inspiration over the weekend, and will gear the stories towards something I think my three(soon to be four)-year-old would like…

  6. My 5 year old buddy says to add something fun, like them going to the park on an adventure! 😎

  7. Had a blogrequest to fullfil today, so my post should be up tomorrow :-)

    Join the conest! You can win big time!

  8. :-)

    and if you buzz about it a bit more,
    maybe we can feature in a real world book and

    become instantly famous!

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