Back to regular programming next week

Posted 03 Jun 2008 in Random

I just started a new job which requires a one and a half to two hour each way commute each day. :( I am a bad blogger, because I did not write any posts in advance.

Sooooo…. we’ll be back to our regular programming next week. Hopefully the early mornings won’t kill me by then. 😆

Yes, I am up very late, but I had to see the outcome of the American Democratic Primaries tonight. I’m off to bed, I promise.

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  1. What a drag – p’raps you can get your blogging done on your new laptop during your commute?? Hope you enjoy the new job and that the long journey doesn’t get you down too much..

    Jay’s last blog post: New Blogger features

    • Thanks, Jay! So far, all is well with the commute. Unfortunately, because of gas prices here in the US, more people are taking transit than ever, so there is major over crowding! Not enough space most days (unless I leave home around 6) to type comfortably. BUT, I am going to be a better blogger and get back to writing regularly!

  2. I was doing some future posts today and ended up with over 1500 words on a credit-crunch post… Last time I did an article on debt I split it into 4 posts, I think I might post the first few hundred and then maybe link to a full article on…
    I am planning another post on the relationship between Google and PageRank – I can see that one exceeding my normal 300 words max….

    • I have my last installment of 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger; but I am going to break into two or three posts because of the length!

      I’d definitely like to read about Google and Page Rank. I still haven’t been able to have my pleas answered and my PR returned!

  3. Ha Ha, what to do with a post that gets too big?? buy a domain for it of course!
    I have the first draft up, and have organised some of the blog, but have a plan to break the article up into manageable chunks and add some background… The Google/PageRank one will have to wait for a bit!