7 Random Facts about the Geek Girl

Posted 02 Nov 2008 in Random
  1. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving – a purely gluttonous affair of food, football and fun!
  2. I collect school supplies for local kids and distribute them when school starts.
  3. My first job was at a gift shop. And back then, minimum wage was $4.25/hour. (I sure did think I was rich!)
  4. I eat Chinese food for breakfast at least twice a week.
  5. I do not always use a firewall on my computer. Yeah, bad geek girl, I know.
  6. When I can’t fully explain what I study in school or what my job entails, I just tell people that I like to ride subways and buses.
  7. Being nice to strangers is pretty fun. Especially when they don’t expect it.
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  1. LOL, i knew all those things tee hee. now where’s my beef fried rice?? LOL

    • *passes harrimac some beef fried rice*