When it is time to get professional help?

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Posted 14 Apr 2008 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlI am a self-proclaimed “Geek Girl” but even I have come to accept that some computer repairs or technical jobs just aren’t in my skill set or in my pay grade.

There are quite a few times when you should just get some professional help – no matter what the project is, because ultimately, time is money and time cannot be earned back if you lose it. It is just gone!

Hole in the Wall - http://www.jasongraphix.com/Perhaps the best time to get professional help is when you are installing any sort of hardware that you haven’t installed before – whether it is a flat screen TV or a hard drive in your computer.

Yeah, the directions sound REALLY easy, but do you want to face your landlord or spouse when they discover a huge hole in the wall or realize that you lost all 10,000 family photos?

Didn’t think so. 😀

Are you like me and feel like 2 or 3 days hit you at one time – or you wake up on Tuesday and wish it were Friday already?

Professional help can help soothe some of the feelings of Things-to-Do-List-is-too-long-itis, by giving you the opportunity to do something else on your To Do list while a professional takes care of a task that you either don’t like or don’t have the time to learn how to do.

Occasionally, I hire a maid service to come and clean my apartment. Yeah, it costs $100 per visit, but it is money well spent when I consider that I can catch up on homework or even go see a movie with my friends. I also hire professional to design graphics for me, code HTML, and create letterhead. These are all things I know how to do, but I admit – I don’t like them or don’t have the time or patience to invest in it.

If it is a project of utmost importance, outsourcing the work may not be a smart option – but for minor tasks or things I just don’t like to do, it fits the bill. Of course, you cannot hire professionals to do your homework or go on dates for you. 😆

Outsourcing Homework

And probably the only other reason to hire a professional to help you with any work or projects you may have on your To Do list is if you know of some entrepreneurs who need a little help getting their business off of the ground.

Help WantedNewer, less established professionals sometimes charge a little less for services and products – and they aren’t so busy that they forget that personal touch that we all like when we conduct business.

And as their business grows, they may reward you with discounts, special deals or perks just for you – for being there when they first got their business started! ❗

Really, most of us would say anytime is a good time to get professional help when trying to accomplish some tasks in our daily lives, but really if we aren’t sure about the quality of our job, we have too much on our list, or if we want to help someone else are the three big reasons for choosing professional help to assist us in accomplishing our personal goals! 💡

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