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Posted 22 Sep 2008 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlNot only did Twitter update its interface over the weekend, but I have been experimenting with various methods of updating my Twitter account. I never thought I’d get into Twitter – simply because I didn’t “get it” but now, I am addicted! I love reading other people’s tweets and corresponding with people around the world in a less regimented environment than this blog, for example!

I have come to truly appreciate the concept of “microblogging” – but read more at Wikipedia if you don’t know what Twitter is.

When I first started using Twitter, I wanted to use the web client, but honestly it was UGLY! So, I poked around on Twitter’s website and found a page with a few downloads for Windows, Mac and iPhone.

I tried out Twitbin (very neat Firefox plugin/add-on), which is very clean and straight to the point. I still have it installed in my browser, as it is one of the top programs I tried. Here’s a quick screenshot:


Twitteroo is also a great program – it is stand alone, so it is not dependent on Firefox to run in order to update your tweets and keep up with your tweeple! Check out the screenshot below of Twitteroo in action!


Then, I happened upon the Twitter Fan Wiki, which has an extensive list of Twitter Apps that are available by operating system/device.

After going through the list several times, I found twhirl, which is my new best friend. twhirl runs off of the Adobe Air platform, and it is lightweight and customizable. When compared to TwitterFox (another Firefox add-on) or other clients, twhirl looks more web 2.0-ish.


Vote in the poll — and let’s hear it in the comments – do you like Twitter? Do you use it? What’s your Twitter handle? Is microblogging a waste of time?

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  1. Nice post. I use & have used quite a few….. I like to try out different apps on a regular basis…… Right now I mostly use Digsby or Socialthing to keep up with my Twitter posts…. Sometimes I use Hahlo in the Firefox Sidebar as well. I’ve tried all of the desktop apps but I just can’t get into them.

  2. I like Twhirl, but it doesn’t delete direct messages or replies after you read them, so they clutter up the bottom of your tweet list forever.

    Tweetr is just as good and doesn’t have that problem.

    • I never realized twhirl did that. But I don’t get a lot of tweets. I will definitely check out Tweetr.

  3. I use Digsby most of the time; an all in one messenger; the current version still eats to much memory, but this will be solved soon according to the Digsby team. But even then i still do not see any purpose in microblogging; but who knows, things can change fast over here.

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    • I didn’t mention Digsby because it does use a lot of RAM. I wish Pidgin would get Twitter support :-) Then I’d be HAPPY!

  4. Thanks. See I did not even know about twitteroo :) Looks nice.

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