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Posted 21 Apr 2008 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlI am always looking for ways to save time – because time IS money! Fortunately, there are lots of ways to save time when replying to emails, filling out forms online and more – text replacement software!

The premise of text replacement software is to provide a way to type in a few characters and have them replaced by sentences, code, paragraphs – whatever text you specify. No longer do you have to write out things like, “Best wishes, Sam” on your emails or standard replies to messages you receive. Just type in the characters and let the software do the work.

Not only will you save time (which is very important, IMHO), but you will also avoid mistakes such as misspellings, typos, providing incorrect information or forgetting to include information.

YadabyteSubText screenshotOn the market, there are several free options – as well as paid ones – but my current favorite is YadabyteSubText. YadabyteSubText is a small, portable text replacement program that works quickly and efficiently to replace text in a variety of programs, including web browsers like Firefox, chat programs like Google Talk and Microsoft Office Suite.

Installation is easy – simply download and unzip the program then open to use. To ensure the program starts upon your computer startup, simply create a shortcut to your desktop and drag the shortcut into your Windows Startup Folder.

The program comes with default shortcodes – but you can delete or modify them as you wish. And you can quickly add new shortcodes, too! Just press “Add New” and follow the prompts.

There are no bells and whistles with YadabyteSubText – but it gets the job done.

My only complaint is that you have to manually set the program to run at startup, because the program does not retain its settings to start at system startup. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed soon!

If you are looking for a way to save some time – try text replacement software. There’s definitely a feeling of confidence and accomplishment when you can quickly reply to emails or instant messages!

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