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Posted 24 Sep 2007 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlTechnorati may have done some housekeeping and has a new look, but you can still generate a graph (image) with incoming links to your blog.

For bloggers, this can be helpful to pinpoint which posts created the most buzz, and can even be a great marketing tool for your site! It is very simple:

Go to (Be sure to change the BlogURL value to the URL of your blog!) and press ENTER.

The image will be generated, and you can save it as is, or modify using your favorite photo editing program. (I recommend IrfanView.)

You can also modify the # of days – change it from 3600 to 100 (or any value you want) to see shorter term changes – and get a more specific idea about WHAT had your site linked to!

thepinkc Technorati 100 days

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