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Posted 08 Dec 2008 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlTwitter has become an important part of most of our lives – in 140 characters or less, we can let our friends, family and the world know where we are, what we are doing and what we are thinking!

Magpie is an option for Twitter monetization that seems to annoy a lot of Tweeps, but it is very popular with some Twitter users. Twitter account holders sign up through the Twitter API and allow Magpie to post ad tweets among their tweets. Users can set the number of Magpie tweets to be posted, and there is an option to label them with the hashtag of #magpie or other text.

twitter12TwittAd is an alternative option to the intrusive tweets from Magpie. Twitter account holders sign up and list their profile for “rent” over a certain period of time to advertisers. TwittAd is basically a broker for these ads, and you are paid for every hour that the ad is on your Twitter profile page.

Adjix is another unique method of Twitter monetization. It works off of the premise that you will shorten URLs included in your tweets, so you can monetize tweets with click throughs on ads shown on the redirect page. The earning rates are pretty low, but if you are a big time Twitter user, perhaps you can make some money with Adjix.

If you had to pick a way to monetize your Twitter profile, which would you choose? Or are there other options out there?

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  1. atomi

    you ARE the ultimate geek girl, where do you find the time to research all this!?!?? good stuff…

  2. I didn’t know about adjix yet, I’ll have to try that one out.

    I have a profile listed at TwittAds, but haven’t had any nibbles yet.

    I signed up with Magpie, and I’m looking forward to thier ad que being full more often. I haven’t had many #magpie tweets happen yet.