Looking for a Laptop (again)

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Posted 22 Apr 2010 in Geek Girl

I just got word that I am being considered for another position at the company I work for – and it will require me to get another laptop that runs Windows, instead of my trusty MacBook.

I’ve been looking at Toshiba and Lenovo machines as a new work machine. It doesn’t have to be super powerful, just budget friendly and lightweight.

Lenovo has some neat netbooks, but that’s not the size I’m looking for – so I’m looking in the 13.3-15 inch range. The prices online look pretty good, but then again, everything looks great at 3am, right? If I stay within budget, I could probably find a nice machine for around $600, which is a fraction of my MacBook and have a nice work computer.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Relequestual

    Why not just buy windows and dual boot your mac? It’s doable, cheaper, and more powerful!

  2. I agree. Get virtual box from Sun and run Windows Virtually. Virtual box is free, but Windows is a few hundred. It runs great on my MBP.

  3. Use VirtualBox and run Windows for any applications you need to run. If there are other issues at play, and you absolutely must buy a new machine, I would recommend Lenovo T series. They make great work laptops.

  4. D W

    Personally, I’d go Lenovo, although if you like a Mac notebook you most likely don’t have the preference I do about pointing devices.

  5. I am not sure what all is involved in dual booting the Mac, and I am hoping to upgrade sometime next year to a Macbook Pro. I use my Macbook more like a desktop, so I am not sure if it is going to be up to the challenges of being ported to work every day. We’ll see. Thanks for the suggestions. You guys are awesome.

  6. Matthew

    form is broken

  7. Acer laptops are among the best.