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Posted 22 Jun 2009 in Geek Girl

As some of you guys know, I’m a member of several fraternal organizations. It is difficult to call hundreds of people when information needs to be passed along quickly AND accurately. So, I searched for a way to send messages and connect with my fellow club members, family and friends. There are literally dozens of reasons to use a mass messaging system – send meeting reminders, notify family of resturant location for dinner, send words of encouragement, announce an engagement – and many, many more.

logo_final_high_smallI tested a few online message systems until I got to Phonevite, which has totally exceeded all of my expectations. The service is free for basic message sending, but if you are like me and need to send out 100 or 200 calls at a time, you can pay a great low rate per call and send messages to large groups of people.

Phonevite is reasonably priced at free for up to 25 calls, or 5 cents a call for larger “phonevites”, and you can store cash balances in your account for use later. The service is simple – record a voice message either online or via phone, select (Premium accounts only) or enter your contacts, and schedule or immediately send the message. There’s even a neat option to send the message via email, too (Premium accounts only)! The free account offers some great features, but to get the full Phonevite experience, you really need a Premium account.


Phonevite is now open to sharing messages on social media such as my favorite social networking site, Twitter, so check it out and let me know what you think of it.

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