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Twitter seems to be taking the world by storm – whether if it is because Bo the First Dog is using it or a Brooklyn teenager is making an internet worm that exploits Twitter’s weaknesses. My favorite feature about Twitter really doesn’t have to do with, but instead the many, many programs that you can use Twitter with – from ways to send links to your blog posts to your Twitter account, post to your Twitter account, or use a totally different interface with fresh and cool features to use your account.

First up is one of my favorites, iTweet.  The interface is clean, auto-refreshes without hiccups and looks cool! iTweet features a built-in search, Twitter trends and hashtags – all of which are important for a serious Twitter-er! Recently added features include threaded conversations, URL shortener and a TwitPic uploader.

My only complaint is that iTweet doesn’t add older tweets to the bottom of the old tweets like now does – but instead has them on separate pages. However, I think iTweet is great if you don’t follow a gazillion people and like to see the page auto-refresh!

Tweetvisor is another option for using Twitter via the web. I like Tweetvisor because it offers two layouts for the page – both of which remind me of the popular TweetDeck – but on some serious steroids! There’s a lot going on with Tweetvisor – you can create groups out of your friends, see replies and direct messages on the same screen and manage your Twitter-ing easily, even if it is a little daunting at first.

My main complaint with Tweetvisor is that it might be a little too-feature filled for some Twitter users, but for people following lots of people, or those wanting to manage their account from the web versus a desktop client, Tweetvisor might be a great option.

How do you tweet? Via web? TweetDeck? Another website? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful review of! I’m glad to hear you enjoy using it.

    iTweet is my pet project that I work on in my spare time – getting quality feedback like this is very helpful. I will definitely consider making “add to bottom” for older tweets an option in the next version.

    Cheers – Colby Palmer, creator of

    • Definitely stay in touch and let us know when iTweet is updated?

  2. I do prefer Tweetvisor to iTweet….. Tweetree is nice too.

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