– A Meebo killer?

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Posted 05 Nov 2007 in Geek Girl

Geek is a new kid on the block of online instant messaging. This product is designed to function within your web browser, much like Meebo, eBuddy, Yahoo! Web Messenger and others.

Like Meebo and eBuddy, is an instant messenger client aggregator that combines several instant messenger clients into one interface. combines 4 clients – AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Chat. Alpha LoginThe Ajax based tool allows you to log in to multiple accounts at once, and to log off, just simply uncheck the box next to the name you’d like to log off!

Once you’ve logged on to 2 or more services, you can click on “link accounts” and automatically all the accounts will be linked. This means that the next time you visit, you have to do is log on to only one of the four accounts and automatically you will be logged on to the other three as well. Unlike Meebo, you are not able to create user accounts, but this feature kind of makes up for that.

Perhaps the greatest feature is that even in the current, alpha version, offers video chat! Additionally, you can view your friends’ away messages INSIDE of the buddy list window.

Hate that you can’t always chat with groups of your friends because they use different clients? Well, you can create group chats between friends on multiple services with This sounds kind of nifty, especially for those who work or play with people who prefer one client over another or people who can’t access or a similar service at work to log in to their preferred instant messenger client.

Your buddies do NOT have to sign into to use the group chat feature. This would only be necessary if they wanted to invite other users by themselves. ❗ Alpha Interface
This image courtesy of YugaTech

The buddy list uses the native icons from each one of the instant messenger clients and this is currently the only way to really differentiate between the various instant messenger programs once you’ve signed in, if you are like me and all of your buddy lists are named “Buddies”. 😆

There is no way to login as invisible when using, which could pose a problem for those of us (including myself!) who like to hide when online to have a little privacy from chit-chat and really focus on business!

Although is still in alpha, there are some great features and this could be a low-key and good alternative to Meebo when you are on the go or Meebo is blocked.

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  1. I like the post about, but I do think it’s funny that you said it is a meebo killer. Outside of some small number of “digerati” nobody has heard of meebo.

    It’s one thing to have an iPod killer (wasn’t zune going to be one of those?), everyone has heard of an ipod, but can you be a killer for something that obscure?

    • The “?” denotes a question :) I think that if continues to roll out features that people like and want to use, and meebo stays stagnant, it’s possible!

      Meebo has over 100 million instant messages sent a day – and the vast majority of the users use it at work or on a computer where they can’t install software like AIM or Yahoo. I use Meebo when I’m away from home, as do most of the people I go to grad school with – and we are all in liberal arts. *shrug*

      Personally, I like Meebo over, but I’m biased because I don’t like video chatting and webcams. 😆

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