I won a MacBook… and other adventures of the Geek Girl

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Posted 23 Apr 2009 in Geek Girl

Every few weeks, someone at my university emails students and asks them to answer a survey about some campus services and programs. Since I use the library all the time, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to fill out the online survey. At the end, it asked for my email address if I wanted to enter to win a MacBook. I filled it out, and forgot all about it until yesterday, when someone emailed me and said, “You won a MacBook.”

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At first, I looked at my email in a mixture of shock and wonder – was this a joke? Then, I decided to reply to the email – and it was legit!

I picked up my new white MacBook today. It’s a basic version, but it is mine! It is the most expensive thing I ever won, and I am still in shock. Since I now have a Mac, I can write about Mac programs and services! If you have suggestions for programs, let me know in the comments.

In other geeky adventures, I was in a “pageant” on this past Saturday, where I participated by raising funds for a summer camp north of New York City called Camp Eureka. I did not win, but I still feel great about what I did to help kids in and around New York. Plus, how many women get to walk around in a tiara and long dress and wave at people like Miss America?

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  1. Congratulations! That’s a great prize! I would have been in shock & disbelief too lol. Nice.

  2. That is so coool!
    You must be delighted

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